Middle School

By: James Patterson


Major Character: Rafe Katchadorian

Minor Characters: Norman, Two Tunz, Smurf, Bombardier, Dweebs, Cav, Doolin, and Georgia.

Setting: Camp Wannamorra, during the summer


Doolin and his friends are bullying Rafe and his friends. Rafe also has to survive summer school at a camp.

Rising Action

Rafe goes to Camp Wannamorra and meets his new cabin mates. He meets the bully of the camp, Doolin and his friends or the Bobcats. The Muskrats or Rafe and his friends find out that the Bobcats smoke at night. The Muskrats break the "NO SNACKING RULE." They have a camp dance and everyone gets food poisoning. Rafe and his friends get bullied after the food poisoning, because the scary kid in the bunk next to Rafe get sent home.


Rafe gets fed up with the Bobcats bullying them, and makes a plan to get them in trouble for smoking. He calls it "OPERATION SMOKE OUT THE BULLIES." The only problem is that they are risking getting hurt.


Rafe gets really bored easily, and day dreams when he goes on a hike. Rafe and his friends break the "No Snacking Rule" shows how much Rafe likes to break rules. Rafe's favorite teacher comes in and he is practically drooling shows that he can't talk to girls he likes .


Some dialogue happened when Rafe and Georgia were on their way to Camp Wannamorra. I picked this because it starts the story and tells where they are going. Another part is after Rafe trashes the Bobcats cabin and tells Doolin to stop calling Norman, Booger Eater. I picked this because it is the first and last time Rafe stood up to Doolin.


I think the theme of this story is that bullying is a bad thing. I get that from when Norman's books get put in to a chest and thrown in to the lake by Doolin, he runs in to the forest and on to snake hill.

Figurative Language

It is like putting pickles in a pudding cup. I can see what Rafe means about a nature hike. Another is he had a whole loaf of bread, two of those giant jars of peanut butter and honey. I can sees what Norman has with him.