Canal St.Martin

(Paris, France)

A New Hope and Water Source

Finally made in 1825, The Canal was made by Napoleon the First to provide fresh water and transportation of goods for the people of Paris. It is now used to show tourists on boats its rich history.

Fun Fact #1

Napoleon The First, The man who ordered that the Canal be made, had a fear of Cats.

The Mysteries of Canal St.Martin

Canal St.Martin has had quite a few events happen to it throughout the years. From being made by Napoleon and the people of Paris in 1825. This is proven through all that has been found. Officials found many surprising things left in the river over many years. Being cleaned almost every 15 years, Canal St.Martin was drained and cleaned out in the week of January 6, 2016. Finding many vehicles, two bullet shells from WW2, trash, and even a bullet all left by many left wingers, tourists, and the people of France. Quoting the public-sector worker who was there for the last draining in 2001, "That's Paris for you".

Fact #2

Canal St.Martin is 4.5 meters long so its 247 times smaller than the worlds largest Canal!

Fact #3

It has been seen in many famous movies about love. It just goes to show even more how Paris is the city of love.

Canal Saint-Martin Maintenance

Wednesday, Jan. 6th, 11:45pm

Canal Saint-Martin, Paris, France

Paris, Île-de-France

The Canal will be closed from tourists for the first cleaning since 2001.