Happy New Year!

Intentions AND Incentives!!

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What is your New Year's Intention?

This week I heard someone refer to their New Year's Intention versus Resolution. For me, that simple switch of words was really resonated with me. The word intention suggests a plan whereas resolution sounds more like an abstract concept. And I think that is the difference between action and inaction.

I keep track of my annual lists and check back against them at the end of the year. I didn't accomplish all of them but one that I did was to dedicate myself more fully to my work with Beautycounter. To this point last year, I found myself so busy I couldn't give it the time it deserved. And, truth be told, as a stay at home mom for 4 years I was nervous about acknowledging my intention to really make this a part of my life. But the company spoke to me. I connected with the mission. I believed in educating my friends and family, and I believed in a safer lifestyle for my family. It was a scary leap to take, but I did it and I accomplished more than I could have hoped for. Thank you to all of you for taking the leap with me and coming on this journey.

I know we are all in this for different reasons, but I don't think any of us would complain if this passion of ours translated into extra money for our families. I challenge each of you to sit down and create a goal/s for your Beautycounter business. Maybe it is to make X amount of dollars a month, maybe it is to share Beautycounter with 10 new people a month, maybe it is a promotion title you have been wanting…Whatever it is, I can HELP you! Please email me your goals, or I would love to set up a quick call to talk through a strategy to help you meet your goals.

I have my call with Ayesha set up for tomorrow :) My BIG goal for the year is to promote to Executive Director. THERE I SAID IT AND PUT IT IN WRITING :)))) For those of you who aren't familiar, that is $50,000 in BV. Yes, totally scary! But now I am accountable for that goal. And when I talk to Ayesha tomorrow we will come up with a strategy to help me work towards that goal. And if I don't achieve it, I am positive my business will grow from the pursuit of it. Give yourself a goal. Scare yourself a little. I promise you won't regret it. And let me HELP you plan to achieve that goal.

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Incentive #1

Anyone who accumulates $1,000 in Personal Volume (PV) in the month of January will receive a 17oz S'well Bottle of your choice. Earn $1,500 in PV and you can choose to upgrade your S'well Bottle to the 25oz size.

(If you don't own a S'well Bottle - they will change your life...and for those of you who already own 1 (or several) know that you can never have too many of these!)

Visit www.swellbottle.com to check them out!

Keep reading for part 2....this is the BIG ONE....

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Incentive #2 THE BIG ONE!!

Anyone who accumulates $2,000 in PV in the month of January AND recruits 2 new Level 1 consultants who achieve $500 in PV in January will receive a pair of Hunter Boots ($150 Value)

** Please note that these incentives are separate from each other. Unfortunately you won't be able to earn a S'well bottle AND Hunter Boots if you achieve both Incentive #1 and Incentive #2.

The Run Down

Now just imagine what going for both of these incentives would do for your business in January!! I'll break it down for you real quick:

If you go for Incentive #1 and sell $1000 in product - that gets you a new S'well bottle AND your commission check will be around $250. Hit $1500 and you get to upgrade your S'well bottle and your commission check bumps up to $360.

If you go all in for Incentive #2 and sell $2,000 in products + add 2 new level 1 teammates who each achieve $500 in PV, that puts your business volume at $3,000 - promoting you to Manager (and well on your way to Sr. Manager) with an estimated commission check of $600 AND a $150 pair of Hunter Boots.

AND - Let's not forget the fabulous incentive Beautycounter HQ is offering to your new recruits who join in the month of January and accumulate $750 in PV! Jet-Set Bag Collection for them = Everyone Wins! There's truly no better time to jump in with Beautycounter.

Milwaukee Area Team Meeting

Monday, Jan. 11th, 7pm

2211 North Prospect Avenue

Milwaukee, WI

As a reminder we have our first Milwaukee Area Team meeting on Monday, January 11 at 7pm at the Prospect Colectivo. Please let me know if you can make the meeting. I know it's hard to take time away from our families, but I promise this hour with other consultants will leave you feeling excited and invigorated about our mission and this company. We all have questions, we all need inspiration sometimes. This will be a great way for us to share all of that monthly. If you can't make the meeting, be sure to tune in for the virtual meeting happening tonight!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.