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Leaders of Learning

This week's nominees:

I would like to nominate Taniya Smith for her flexibility, team spirit, enthusiasm, and helping the EC students and staff meet all of their needs. She takes ownership for student learning and collaborates with EC staff. Welcome to Team EC!

I would like to nominate Mr. Andrews for checking on me when my assistant was out and seeing if I needed any help with getting my students to their bus.

I would like to nominate all the teachers and assistants that were in the cafeteria at the end of lunch on Thursday for helping with my sick child and the rest of my class while I was by myself and a shout out to Mr. Smith who cleaned up after this child.

I would like to express my gratitude to Kim Brown, Moneka McDonald, Sue Clay and Nicki Bauer for welcoming me to their team and assisting me with what I need to make my day a little more manageable.

I would like to express my appreciation to Tena Jordan, Angie Meadows, Beverly Ray and Mary Lovett for popping in to see if we need anything and helping us at lunch time, packing up and getting our large group of bus riders to their buses.

I would like to nominate Johnna Futral as the best Mentor EVER!

Thomas Tidbits

I know everyone has been hearing the buzz and excitement around campus about duty-free lunches for our classroom teachers and instructional assistants. Well, it is time to get started!!!

Beginning on Tuesday, September 8, 2015, our YR family will begin to enjoy duty free lunches and our TR family will begin on September 14, 2015. Duty-free lunch is not a requirement, only an option and opportunity to possibly spend time away from the cafeteria.

Schedule for Duty-Free Lunch

Monday and Thursday- assistants are duty free

Tuesday and Friday- Teachers duty free

Wednesday- eat together in cafeteria

Note: YR 2nd grade has a plan, they chose one day only

We have also implemented the custodial staff in the cafeteria to handle the tables and floors (please make sure you thank them). They will also assist in supervision because there will be at least two present at all times (except when one is absent). I will also spend time in the cafeteria as much as possible to assist where needed.

Thank you and the SIT for all you do! I hope this will alleviate some of the stresses of your day.

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. ~Sydney J. Harris

"Change is INEVITABLE, Progress is OPTIONAL"
-Tony Robbins

Counselor Corner

In desperate need of…
PANTS! The clothes closet and my stash of pants have run out. If you can donate any, or know someone who can, I would greatly appreciate it. Small, medium or large in kid sizes. I usually buy some with my own money and they never get returned. Or please ask parents to send extra clothes for their student who may need it.

Birthday treats
There are freezie pops in the freezer in the teachers’ lounge for birthday treats. They are for staff and students to enjoy when you have a birthday!
Also, you will notice the birthday tree in the cafeteria with birthday’s for the month. We have tried to get everyone’s (staff and students) birthday but sometimes we miss a few. Just let me know if anyone needs to be added.

Thank you to Ms. Boes for all of her hard work with the birthday celebrations!!!!

My supply of snacks is running low. The PTA will be doing another snack drive soon so until then I may not be able to fill your snack request.

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United Way

A big THANK YOU to Kim Brown and Donna Taylor who will be chairing our United Way Campaign this year. Our goal is 100% participation. Even if all you are able to donate $1, please consider donating. I understand that United Way may not be your charity of choice. Personally, I choose to give through my church. However, I do believe in sending a message from our SPP family to the United Way that we appreciate all of their efforts for those in need within our community. We can send this message by having 100% participation. No donation is too small. Please have your forms and donations returned to Kim or Donna by Wednesday, September 23. You will find out more at our Staff Meeting on Wednesday. Thank you!


A new link labeled Aesop (SubFinder) has been created under your Staff tab at the top navigation on the website. The link goes to the Aesop for Employees page on the district with login information and videos.

Written Response to Text Verification Form

Traditional Teachers--Please make sure you have singed the form indicating that you have viewed the Written Response to Text narrated presentation. If you have not watched that presentation, please do so as quickly as possible and then come sign the form. The form is taped to my door. I need all signatures by Friday, September 11. Thank you!

One Book One School

Thanks to our outstanding Literacy Committee, we are all going to benefit from a wonderful collaboration with the Country Bookshop, our PTA and the Southern Pines Library. More details about our "One Book One School" project will be forthcoming, but in the meantime, I wanted to share some important dates.

We will be reading Toys Go Out by Emily Jenkins. It is a delighful book full of linked stories told from the point of view of three characters in a little girl's backpack: a stuffed buffalo, a stuffed stingray and a plastic ball. We will be doing our big kickoff and Read-a-thon on Monday, October 12--the day year round students return. This kickoff will include a fun skit where the characters from the book come to life.

The PTA will play a VERY active role in this project and they cannot wait to be seen supporting literacy at our school instead of always talking about fundraising. :) Please be on the lookout for more information from the Literacy Committee regarding how we will progress through the chapters and how we will keep the momentum going throughout the reading.

Our project will conclude on November 23 as we have a school-wide picnic where we all read the last chapter together. Families and volunteers will be encouraged to bring a lunch and a blanket and join us in small clusters all over campus as we all eat and read the last chapter.

On November 24, Denise White will present a Book Walk where students will make connections between Toys Go Out and the book in the Book Walk. This Book Walk will be a full day project as different classes have their turn at the Book Walk. We will wear jeans and SPP t-shirts on both of these days. :)

SPP Spirit Days

In order to be prepared for upcoming Spirit Days where we will wear jeans with our SPP shirts, it is important to place another order for shirts since we have many new staff members. The quickest way to do so is to piggyback on the order the PTA is placing for their adorable SPP Bumblebee t-shirts. This order is open to ALL SPP staff members. We will purchase these shirts on your behalf, but we need you to quickly fill out the google form so that we can get shirts ordered and here by our first Spirit day! I will give the numbers to Jennifer Andrews on Monday so anyone who has not completed the form before then will miss out on this order. Please take care of this today! Click on the link below to tell us your name and the size shirt you would like us to order. These are quality t-shirts but they are men's shirts, so choose accordingly. Thanks!


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TLAP Book Study

Some of you have mentioned that you really want to do the book study but are uncomfortable with Twitter. If you would like to use Edmodo to participate in the book study, here is the code:


Another option would be the low tech option--if you noticed, we placed a composition notebook in your booty bag. Feel free to use the notebook to write your reflections and responses as we discuss the book throughout the year. I will post each week's question in our newsletter so that you can respond that way. :) See--I know how to differentiate!!

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Walkthrough Focus

With our Traditional teachers back, the pacing with our Walkthrough Focus will be different. As we visit classrooms over the next month, we will be looking for the following:

September Focus for Year-round classrooms: An organized lesson built around clear, measurable learning targets.

September Focus for Traditional classrooms: A positive emotional climate with clear procedures and routines.

We look forward to seeing these characteristics of GREAT classrooms as we visit!

Upcoming Dates

Now that we have a shared Master Calendar, I will only be placing dates in our newsletter for two weeks at a time. Please refer to the Master Calendar for more long range planning. Thanks!

September 7: No School--Labor Day

September 8: Optional ParentSquare meeting in Media Center--3:00

September 8-28: TR mClass BOY

September 8-22: YR Math Assessments

September 9: Staff Professional Learning--P is for Passion: Exploring our Content Passion, Professional Passion and Personal Passion

September 9: Spirit Night at Texas Roadhouse--please publicize! (Wear jeans and SPP colors)

September 10: Suzanne Sell meets with PLC teams to discuss writing--more information is provided in the Master Calendar if you click on the calendar item. You will recieve CEU credit for this session, so make sure you follow the instructions to register for this PD.

September 10: School Improvement Planning Meeting--Members of SIT will present the proposed School Improvement Plan--8:30-10:00 (This is a date change by the district.)

September 10: SPP Parent Advisory Council Meeting--please publicize this meeting in your newsletters, emails etc. Thanks!

September 14: General PTA Meeting--6:00-7:00 Childcare will be provided. (Please consider joining the PTA to show your support for their efforts on behalf of you and our students. Thanks!)

September 15: All PDPs need to be signed in TNL

September 16: SIT Meeting--3:00-4:00 in Media Center

September 17: RIF--We are moving forward with our previously scheduled RIF date even though we moved the Read-a-thon. As in the past, books will be set up on tables in the auditorium and classes will come there so that every child receives a new book of their choice. Please make sure to thank our PTA and "Friends of the Southern Pines Library" for providing this gift to our students. (Wear jeans and SPP shirts--if they have arrived by then--otherwise just wear yellow and blue.)

September 18: Early Release day--students dismiss at 11:30

September 18: Whole Staff to attend PD with Principal Kafele at Pinecrest High School--1:00-3:00 (stay tuned for more information)

September 18-25: Book Fair (Family Night will be Tuesday, September 22 from 5:00-7:00)

September 19: STEAM Saturday--10:00-12:00 (You are not required to participate in this, but please promote it with your families. I will be opening up the STEAM lab and Makerspace--feel free to join us if you want to.) More info to follow.