Come to Bolivia!!

La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz, Bolivia

Come to La Paz, to explore the new things that you may not ever see anywhere else. Like for example their clothes all different colors and they all have different backgrounds like one dress could be for a special ceremony. Anything you will see in La Pa, Bolivia will be something that you may have never seen before.

Cultural Attractions

Here are 5 cultural attractions of La Paz, Bolivia.


Here is some food that is in La Paz. It is a cultural attraction because they have different food than in America. It is cultural because it is traditional in their country.

Flights and hotels

A flight for a family of 4 is about 5108 dollars. With also some there hotels are around 135 dollars a night, it is called Comino Real Aparthotel & Spa. Compared to another hotel is somewhere around 500-700 dollars a night for the rating that I got for this specific hotel. Like for example this hotel, the sajama hotel restauranta and it is 3 star hotel for 380 dollars for 5 nights.

HISTORY: the country was named after the general that lead the army to defeat Spain. The generals name was "general Boliviar". The country gained its independence from Spain in 1809. Yet the Spanish arrived in 1525, so they had control for about 300 years.

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