20% Project Visual

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The project

For my 20% project I have decided to writing a cook book featuring dessert recipes. The link below is for the first draft of my recipe book.


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Impact of this Topic

This has been an interesting topic for me to research. It has impacted me in several ways. Firstly, this project has taught me about righting and recording recipes. In this process of preparing this project, I am also learning how to bake and am developing book writing skills in the process of actually creating the cook book. As I have not yet finished compiling all of the recipes that I want to use for my cook book, I have not shown to other people at this school yet. Thus, it has not yet affected other people, but once I have finished it hopefully will positively impact others.

Facts about this topic

This topic has been rather interesting for me. Most of the desserts that I have chosen so far, seem to be rather sugar and chocolate heavy. I have found that you can find a wide variety of dessert recipes on the internet. I have learned that best to take your time when you start baking and not rush things. It's also best if you make sure that your ingredients are kept at room temperature. After completing your food you should always remember to let it cool before eating it, even if the directions do not tell you to do so. Salt can also be helpful when you are baking. So far, I have found that making a cook book isn't that hard.

Why I chose this project

I chose to do this project for several reasons. Firstly, I am fairly interested in cooking, but I hadn't ever really done much cooking. I also really enjoy writing lists, and a cook book is a list of recipes. I am interested in writing, so I think that writing a cook book would be a good experience for me. I decided to combine these interests and write a cook book.

Finally, I realized that this is a project that would not only be realistically be possible for me to complete, but a project that I would actually enjoy working. Once I started working on my cook book, I realized that the book needed a more specific food topic, so I made it a dessert recipe cook book.