Sebastian Plata 8-D

Why is Important to recycle?

Recycling is important because we can conserve our planet,our resources,our home,our live ,energy,environment an more things.All this of recycle because we are destroying our home,Factories each time are polluting our oxygen by letting escape all those bad chemicals that harm the atmosphere.With recycling, a good portion of our waste can be broken down into their original elements and be used to produce new materials.
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Recycling Economic Benefits

They are many economic benefits of recycling, one of which includes saving money.It is cheaper to make products using recycled materials.Recycling benefits the economy by also reducing expenditure in other ways.

As more items are reduced, the amount of waste that needs to go to the landfill is reduced. Through recycling, communities can save on their waste disposal costs which can be very expensive.

Subsequently, acres and acres of landfill space can be saved.

With recycling, everything can be used to its maximum potential. Nothing is wasted. Such cost-effective practices not only saves money, but the environment and our resources too.

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Environmental Benefits

When we recycle we help alot to the environment because by recycling we can prevent air and water pollution that destroys water and animals and in the air it destroys our oxygen.Also we can conserrve energy by Producing products using recovered rather than raw materials uses significantly less energy which results in less burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas.Recycling we can save our planet
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What did i learn?

From the website i learn that people that really love the planet can help,recycling and doing healthy things to the planet.For example and the gas station those mans used special gas an know how to use it for preventing planet pollution.Recycling we can help protect the planet.