K-2 Team Newsletter

May 18, 2020

Principal's Message

Wow, we made it to the last week of school! As I reflect on how we got here, it’s been a crazy ride for us this 19-20 school year. However, there is so much to celebrate this Friday with our scholars as we close out our school year. While we could not have a traditional Quarter 4 End of the Year Celebration, we have done our best to provide a sense of consistency and normalcy for our scholar babies. I would not have asked anything different than what you all did and am so thankful to do this work with you all and here’s a little reminder to keep on going we’re so close!
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Celebrate Good Times... Come on!!!

School Wide Focus

Distance Learning Plan

We have just about reached our final goal of ensuring our scholars obtained a quality education through COVID-19. You all have dug in and did the preparation work to make it a reality! Below is our schedule for this final week of school. Thanks for all you have done...you have made me and your admin so proud! Since Thursday’s Virtual Field Trips are scheduled at various times we will push out fun Field Day like activities to do during the day. If you would like to add any outside activity challenges to your classrooms you are more than welcome to! Check out the list included below.

Last Week of School

Monday, May 18th

  • Teachers will upload review assignments and videos as normal for 2 days of work based off the new topics taught the previous two weeks

Tuesday, May 19th

  • Teachers will review assignments and give feedback as usual

Wednesday, May 20th

  • Teachers will review assignments and give feedback as usual

Thursday, May 21st

  • Virtual Field Day (Scholars can play BINGO, Charades, Mask Singer, Scavenger Hunt, etc)

  • Virtual Field Trips (let’s coordinate so we have a variety of options)

Friday, May 22nd

Virtual Awards Ceremony

  • 2nd Grade → 9:00 am - 10:00 am

  • Kinder Time → 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

  • 1st Grade → 2:00 pm 3:00 pm

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Deans of Academics

We made it! You, the rockstar teachers of the K-2 EEP Team have made it to the last week of distance learning and we could not be more proud of how well you all have taught and supported EEP kiddos during this last quarter. If you are able, we would love to see you on Wednesday, May 20th between 4:30 and 6:00 to celebrate this momentous occasion with you, our scholars, and a reverse parade! This will be a fun way for us to celebrate our scholars (and ourselves) while still keeping social distancing protocols! Admin will be there for the entire hour and a half and if you are able to come, please come for whatever time you can give! We understand that it is after school hours and that everybody might not be able to make it - this a weird time and we get that! If you can come, post when you’ll be there in your Google Classroom and let your kiddos know when they can see you!

Recap...What’s Due this Week???

  • Office Hours

  • Grade Team Meeting

  • Check-in calls with your scholars (update on communication log)

  • GLLs submit final Awards Day Doc 5 pm Wednesday, May 20th.

May 15th (Last Week of School-- read this closely for a change)

  • DUE: Phone calls to all scholars and special comments if needed → Week 8 Log
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Dean of Culture

I could not have asked for a better group of amazing educators and staff to go on this journey with! Each and every one of you have stepped up and kept your promise to provide our scholars with a quality education even in the midst of a pandemic. Together we created a culture that allowed our scholars to feel a part of a school while completing assignments online. As this school year comes to a close I look back on all that we have accomplished and how much our scholars have grown. I can not wait to see your faces and our scholars' faces at the Reverse Car Parade as we celebrate the end of an amazing school year.

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Virtual Field Trips - Thursday on Zoom

Kinder at 3 P.M.

1st Grade 4 P.M.

2nd Grade at 9 A.M.


Final WIG Winner: The grade that has the most scholars complete the SEL lesson of the week.

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Friday Morning Motivation

East End Prep K-2 Friday Morning Motivation on Friday, May 15, 2020 Last One of the School Year!

Dean of SEL

This week, we are really pushing for putting first things first, as scholars only have a few days left in the school year! I think it’s also important for us as adults to have this reminder as well. I love the “Time Quadrant” piece that is on this site to help illustrate how we can make mistakes while prioritizing our time. I will be uploading a video for scholars this week to touch on those “big rocks” once again. Thanks for all you do!

Habit of the Month

Put First Things First: prioritize work, then play afterward. This habit is important in light of our current academic situation, and can help our scholars understand that even though there is more free time, they should still be prioritizing completing work and growing their brains! This can also apply to prioritizing sleep, proper eating, and exercise.

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Grade Level Meetings

See updates below for this week's GLM!

  • Week of May 18th: Start-Stop-Continue Info Doc

    • Led by current GLLs to support us in prepping for SY20-21

    • It’s already copied into your GLM document

    • GLLs also send invites to admin for your grade level awards day for Friday

Budget Email

If you haven’t done so already, review Leckrone’s email titled 2019-20 update for important information on budget implications for 2019-20 bonuses.

Free Distance Learning Training

Trevecca is offering free online training for teachers. Check out the link below if interested!


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Upcoming Events

May 19th

  • 1st GLM 1:30-2:30 pm

May 20th

  • Kinder GLM 1:30-2:30 pm
  • Car Parade 4:30-6:00 pm → (Wear a Mask)

May 21st

  • 2nd GLM 1:30-2:30 pm
  • Virtual Field Trip Day

May 22nd

  • Awards Day and Last Day of School


May 23rd

  • Victoria's Bday
May 25th
  • Abbie's Bday

May 29th

  • Macie's Bday
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Shout Out to Kelley for your awesome plan to get summer learning resources for scholars so they can continue their learning and close more gaps! #GRIT

Shout Out to Liza for already having your Award’s Day list prepared and ready to go - so excited to see your scholars being celebrated! #ENTHUSIASM

Shout Out to Lisa and Jaquandria for your continued work during retention meetings! #GRIT

Shout Out to all teachers for your support and kindness during admin appreciation week! We love you! #ENTHUSIASM

Shout Out to the second-grade team for asking key questions about the new curriculum for next year! Way to put first things first! #ACHIEVEMENT

Shout Out to Corrine for your absolutely wonderful attitude and your years of service at EEP. We will miss you and thanks for ending the year strong! #ENTHUSIASM

Shout Out to Macie and Stacey for your collaboration on perfecting class lists for next year! Thank you for all your efforts to set our scholars up for success! #TEAMWORK

Shout Out to Stephanie and Olivia for your patience! We really appreciate your patience as we ensure you have the perfect partners! #TEAMWORK

Shout Out to Macie and Shelly for coming up with the idea to have a car parade to celebrate scholars. #ENTHUSIASM

Shout Out to Liza, Danielle, Martinez, Yoland, and Jaleela for going the extra mile to get contact with families they could not reach. #Grit

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SEL Scholar of the Week

Myles has been putting first things first at home! He follows a schedule, completes his work on time and even talked with his family about the habit of the month! Myles knows how to balance work and play, and makes work fun by competing with his brother for who can complete their homework the fastest!

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  • Reach out to Dr. P and Rhodes if you are ill and will not be able to work
  • Accept all Google calendar meeting invites and communicate with your coach and Dr. P if you are not going to make it
  • Review the quick find docs below for any documents/resources you may need
  • Remember to smile...WE GOT THIS

Quick Find Docs

Scholar Communication Log click here

Family Call Script click here

Translation Services Needed click here

EEP Distance Learning FAQs click here

K-2 Distance Learning PPT click here

K-2 Wrap Up PPTs Week 1 Week 2 Week 4

Staff Office Hours click here

Scholar Email Addresses click here

Parent Email and Contact Info click here

Daily Expectations for Teachers click here

Weekly Scope and Sequence click here

Good Idea Spotlight click here

MOBC COVID-19 Resources here

K-8 PD click here

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Dr. Tianay Perrault

Lower Elementary Principal