Is It Worth It?

What is Alcohol?

Alcohol is used in many beverages such as beer or wine. Alcohol is made by a chemical process called fermenation. Alcohol depresses the body's central nervous system. Alcohol also increases the brain's dopamine levels.

How is it taken into the body?

Alcohol is taken into the body by drinking an alcoholic beverage or blood contact i.e rubbing alcohol for a wound.

Slang/Street Terms

Alcohol has many slang terms including:



-cold one

-lunatic soup



-hair of the dog

-baltic tea


-giggle water

Short-Term Effects

Alcohol can cause the following short-term effects:

-Slurred speech




-Upset stomach


-Breathing difficulties

-Distorted vision and hearing

-Impaired judgment

-Decreased perception and coordination





Long-Term Effects

Alcohol can cause the following long-term effects:


-Alcohol poisoning

-Liver disease

-Nerve damage

-Sexual problems



-High blood pressure

-Permanent brain damage

-Mouth and throat cancer

Signs of Abuse

The following are signs of abusive use of alcohol:

-Legal problems

-Problems at work and/or school.

-You or someone else gets hurt while you are drinking


Dependence/ Addiction

The following are signs of dependence/ addiction to alcohol:

-Cannot stop drinking

-More alcohol is needed to get the same effect

-Withdrawal symptoms

-Gives activities up to drink