Technology in Fifth Grade

Integrating Digital Citizenship: ELA & Social Studies

Technology in Social Studies

This term the students used technology to supplement their research and presentations about the Causes of the American Revolution. They learned how to narrow searches by using specific keywords, how to evaluate sources, and how to use original documents to learn about multiple sides of the issues. They created Google Slideshows to assist their presentations, which was also a new technological skill for them to master.

"We can read online or on our e-readers!"

I love that because it gives me experience with technology, using books in different formats. --Hannah

What the kids said...



Total Students in 5th Grade: 31

Black: 3

White: 27

Other: 1

Students with IEPs: 10

Males: 13

Females: 18

"Use the tools of technology to open the doors of your own efficiency and specialty to enrich your life and the lives of your students" --Mrs. Kendrick

Board of Education Presentation

With the help of Animoto, I was able to create a video to show to the Board of Education explaining Genius Hour in the fifth grade. Not only were the BOE members impressed by student work, they were able to see pictures and videos of the presentations, which gave them a greater understanding of how technology is being used to support student-led, inquiry-based, CCS-supported learning.