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Coronado Middle School May 11-15, 2020

May’s Key of Excellence: Balance

Live your best life! Be mindful of self and others while focusing on what’s meaningful and important in your life. Inner happiness and fulfillment come when your mind, body, and emotions are nurtured by the choices you make.

This week's mindset quote:““Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving” – Albert Einstein

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Messages from Karin

Happy Mother's Day to all of you amazing moms!! I hope you're showered in

love and thanks all day long!

Calendar :

May 11: Karin Office Hours 2:00 pm-3:00 pm

May 12: PE Items Pick Up

  • TLT 3:00 pm-4:00 pm

May 13:11:15-12:00 pm 6th Grade student Zoom 6th Grade Zoom Link Password: 025524

May 14: PE Items Pick Up

  • Karin Office Hours 9:00 am-10:00 am

May 15:

Karin: Office Hours Zoom Link

Link to Ms. Mellina's Message to Students for May 11-15, 2020

Application Electives: 20-21 application electives classes are complete and notice will be sent to students at 3 pm on Tuesday. Thank you to Michelle, Tracy, Kevin, Linda and Paulina and Mike for making this happen even during distance learning. Great teamwork!

Items collection: As the year comes to a close, I will need to develop a plan for collecting books, materials, etc. as well as return to students any items they may have at school. Please use this document to provide items information.The logistics still need to be worked out, so gathering this info is just step one. Please complete this document (in process and will be ready for input by Mon.morning) Student Books and Supply Returns and Pick Up

8th Grade Awards Recording: This week, 8th grade awards will be finalized, and next week we will provide information on recording your award presentation to recipients. HUGE thank you to Michelle for all her support and help with our virtual awards ceremony.

6th grade Zoom: This week, I'll be holding a Zoom to connect with 6th graders. Stop by!

6th Grade Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 725 7420 6286

Password: 025524

Wednesday Staff Meeting at 2:00 pm: We'll have a (20-minute) staff meeting for some announcements, and you'll then meet in Departments. Staff Meeting Zoom Link

Shout Outs Clarification: This link Staff ONLY Virtual Shout Outs 5/6/20 is for staff to staff Shout Outs that go into the Wave. The link to Shout Outs to students can be found on my PowerSchool page. Those will that will be posted on my PowerSchool page and some in the Triton News.

Being on Campus: Please follow safety and security protocols if you visit the site and any shared spaces (workroom, office, staff lounge). Please use wipes and sanitizer and avoid touching unnecessary surfaces. Please be sure that all doors are CLOSED and LOCKED.

I'm waiting to hear from the District about closing up classrooms. I'll get you information this week.

Tree Trimming: If you are coming to campus on May 14th, please know that City will be working in the area. Park somewhere away from the perimeter of the school.


CMS Zoom Meeting Links: Staff, Department, Grade Level

CMS Triton News May 11-15, 2020

Link to Karin's YouTube

ATTN 8th Grade Parents - Important News

Superintendent Update 5/9/20


Running Updates Doc check throughout the week.

6th Grade Distance Learning

6th grade Team - Thank you for planning engaging and meaningful assignments for your students. I enjoyed visiting so many of your meetings and classes last week.

Just a snapshot:

Amy and Katie, thank you for joining every team meeting to support students and learning.

Thank you Nancy, Barb, and Kim for all of your support in joining 6th grade meetings and supporting students!

Katey, Matt, Kim, Tracy, and Sarah are reenacting Spartan and Athenian cultures and social roles as they dive into ancient Greece this week.

Michelle's digital media wheel students learned about cyber safety and protection from phishing.

Kevin and Stacy's 6th graders will learn about how the cardiovascular and respiratory system oxygenates blood and the pathway it takes throughout the body.

Melissa and Cara are gearing their 6th graders up to start equations and mean, median, mode.

Bonnie's students are integrating math by calculating bowling scores.

Katey, Kim, Sarah and Megan had a successful first week of 6th Grade Call of the Wild Book Club

Linda's students began their lyric work on "We Honor you" to apply to all of the first responders.

Teaching and Learning

Teachers, please let me know if there is a meeting, office hour, discussion board or activity you’d like me to attend.

Late Work: Thank you for posting late work policies on PowerSchool.

The CUSD Learning Department has provided this voluntary survey to collect information relative to the distance learning platforms you are using and what supports you need at this time Learning Department Survey

Planning and Collaboration Meetings: Thank you for completing this document so I know when teams are meeting. If you have not filled in the meeting day and time column, please do so this week. Collaboration meeting information

Coronado Emerald Keepers The Story of Plastic

Professional Learning Opportunities:

Please let me know if there are virtual PL opportunities you'd like to attend. Communicate with your department leader and submit a PL request.

Karin's Office Hours and Meetings


  • Please continue to send me a Zoom invite to one planning /discussion meeting every week.

Recurring Link: Karin: Office Hours Zoom Link

Mon., May 11 : 2:00 -4:00 pm

Thurs. May 14: 9:00-10:00 pm

Please take this May survey by May 20th. Link to Staff Feedback Survey

Below are the key themes from the April survey.

What have been challenges and stressors?

Hours and Expectations

Lots of email

Planning and time

Student buy in

Clear direction for future – what's next

Balancing life and work

  • Having kids to teach at home/family and work

Amount of time on computer

IEP mandates

Missing structure and routine

Needed support, information, or guidance?

IA support plan

Legal info re Zoom

Time to prepare

Clear expectations of grading and feedback

Late work policy

Students not engaging/ how to give feedback to all

Successes or gratifying moments?

Students who typically don't turn in work are now turning it in

Students are being respectful and kind

Lots of thank yous

Being able to connect with students

Messages from Alison

MY ACROSTIC POEMS: This week I chose to express my gratitude for all of you through a couple of poems.

T errific

E ncouraging

A wesome

C ourageous

H eroic

E nthusiastic

R esourceful

S uper

S tupendous

T alented

A mazing

F antastic

F abulous

Messages from Ryan

P.E. Clothes Pickup: Students will be picking up belongings from the P.E. locker rooms on Tuesday, May 12 and Thursday, May 14. Information will be shared with parents in the Triton News. Thank you in advance to the teachers and classified staff members supporting this.

Student Outreach: Thank you for updating this Student Tracking Form to document any students who have completed 25% or less of expected assignments so far during stance learning. We will be reaching out to disengaged students and families to check in and also want to be aware of which students might need additional support just in case we need to facilitate distance learning in the future.

Maintenance: Please let me know if you will be working on campus over the next few weeks. Our maintenance team will be stripping some of the floors and working on other projects, and we will do our best to schedule this in a way that will be minimally disruptive to your plans. If you are aware of any maintenance needs in or around your classroom, please send me an email with the details.

Referrals: Please continue to use this link for any disciplinary referrals you need to send.

AP Office Hours: Feel free to stop by to share needs, ask questions, or just to say hello.

→ Tuesdays 8 am - 9 am: link to Zoom meeting

→ Thursdays 2 pm - 3 pm: link to Zoom meeting

Counseling Corner

The Key of Excellence for May is Balance – Live your best life! Be mindful of self and others while focusing on what’s meaningful and important in your life. Inner happiness and fulfillment come when your mind, body, and emotions are nurtured by the choices you make.

Weekly counseling lessons and resources for students will be posted on our PowerSchool page but also in the Wave for your reference. This week’s lesson focuses on balance and getting enough sleep. Here is the lesson for Week of May 11

Application elective class notifications of acceptance or rejection will be sent home via parents’ email addresses on Tuesday, May 12th by 3 pm.

The elective class form for the 2020-2021 school year for current 6th and 7th graders to complete will be made available to students on the counseling PowerSchool page on Wednesday, May 13th. The deadline for students to submit the form is Friday May, 22nd.

Mindset Quote of the Week:

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving” – Albert Einstein

Messages from Kevin and ASB

ASB is hosting a Live ZOOM Kahoot Game this Friday, May 15th at 11:00 a.m.! Head over to the CMS Tritons Page on PowerSchool for the Zoom link. The game will be Middle School Trivia and we would love to see some of our staff there too!

Kahoot Game Zoom Link

Password: 014479

ASB is looking for Staff Baby Pictures! President Pate and Rafael Roos are looking to start a new game on the CMS Tritons page where kids can see if they can guess the teacher from their baby pictures! Please send over a baby picture to by next Friday.

Check out our CMS Tritons PowerSchool page!

·Julia’s Triton Cookbook: Tritons are sharing some great new recipes! We would love to see some staff favorites!

Lauren’s Triton Vlogging: Tritons are vlogging what they’re doing during the quarantine. If you’d like to participate you can submit a short 10-60 second clip of what you’ve been up to the students would love to see you all!

Eva’s Triton Picks: List your top 10 favorite things!

Sophia’s Triton Art Share Out: Check out some beautiful and inspired art from our Tritons!

Kody’s Video Game Discussion: What are some new or classic games you’ve been playing lately? Lets share out some hidden gems!

Charlotte’s Music Share Out: Share your favorite songs and artists!

Koehn’s Triton Workouts: Let's stay active! Try out some of our best workout picks!

Dylan and Wyatt’s Movie Discussion: Come by and chat about your favorite films or try one of the many recommendations

Messages from Laurie - iLab

Teachers please know I am here to offer assistance in any way you may need. I have the Google sign-up sheet for curriculum support. However, if you need more than activities and resources please feel free to reach out. Also the iLab PowerSchool page is being updated weekly with new challenges and content. If you have students that need some fun and challenging activities, encourage them to take a look.

Tech Update

The link that will answer many of your questions! Make this a Favorite on your Bookmark Bar.

Messages from Megan - Library

Finding engaging ways to help your students online is easy with these resources! Every week I’ll be posting links to help support your curriculum. And as always, please know that I’m here to help you creatively problem solve.

Abdo Digital Bookshelf -- Abdo’s entire eBook collection is now available to students to access at home FREE.

Learn Some Science -- Former NASA Engineer Mark Rober uses short, engaging videos to discuss everything from social distancing -using glow in the dark germ powder- to seeing if someone can actually swim in a pool of jello.

MoMA -- is offering free online art courses you can take from home!

Messages from MFLC Lisa Poli

Military Family Life Counseling Team and Coronado School Liaison Program are partnering to host the quarterly CORONADO MILITARY SPOUSES. This interactive workshop will take place via Zoom on Wednesday, May 20 at 8:30 am. The topics are Coping with Uncertainty and Self Care. The MFLCs will facilitate this timely discussion and provide prompts to get the discussion rolling.

Interested attendees are asked to RSVP to the School Liaison Officer at or 619-991-2509. They will then be provided the Zoom meeting ID and password.

Virtual Military Kid Club: Mrs. Poli, is looking to set up a session once a week via zoom. It's a great way for students to reconnect with friends and provide support to one another during this challenging time. If your kids are interested, please contact Mrs. Poli at #619-592-0821 or

CMS MFLC is available to support our Military students and families with video non-medical counseling sessions. Parental consent is required. If you have a student who may benefit from this service, please email Lisa or provide the student with the link on the photo or Lisa's email address.

Sharp Wellness Center invites all CMS Staff to join their zoom classes:


Your overall heath is our main priority here at Sharp Coronado, which is why we have found an alternative way to help you stay active while at home. Join us online using ZOOM, a well-known video communications provider and stay tuned for new virtual fitness classes. If you have any questions, give us a call during our normal business hours—08:00 A.M. to 04:30 P.M, Monday through Friday.

To get started:

If you are using a computer, visit

Or download the ZOOM app on a smart phone or tablet

Click on “Join a Meeting”

And enter the Meeting ID

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Triton Shout Outs

CMS Staff- I never could imagine working with out each of you. I am so lucky to work with such an incredible group of educators. CMS is so special because of you!

Alison, Ryan, Paulina, Misty, Mike for everything! KM

Dollyanne and Lamarshell for making me laugh through our glass wall KM

Karin- Thank you for your awesome leadership! - Kelly S.

Kevin D.- Thank you supporting our shared students with work on their assignments. - Kelly S. Ananda- Thanks for your leadership on our History team, and for keeping me sane!- Kelly S. Katey B. - Thank you for setting up my grade book!- Kelly S.

Matt S.- Thanks for making an awesome interactive map for our WOJ game!- Kelly S.

Kathy C. - Thanks for your awesome attitude and support on our History 7 team!- Kelly S.

The Humanities Team: for being so incredibly fun and positive to work with! You are a dynamic group of educators and I always enjoy our time together. -Amerling

Kevin Ramirez - For being an awesome 6th grade science partner and all of your help with this distance learning curriculum! - Stacy S.

Nancy Adams - For her consistent communication and support of all our students that have additional learning needs! - Stacy S.

Cara Hetrick - For reaching out and being an amazing human being! - Stacy S.

Paulina Vu - For consistently checking in with me and sending cute pictures of Winnie! Thank you for being such a kind and caring person! - Stacy S.

Thank you Misty for your constant positive attitude and for being a great partner! - Paulina

Byrd, Thank you for always answering my questions and sharing a love of lemon preserves. L Ry

Ananda-letting me be a part of your cohort! And for all your advice!

Karin - Thank you for your leadership, support, and friendship during this crazy time.

Melody- all your help getting this new unit together! The notes, videos, assignments, and feedback is SO helpful!

Thank you to Amy for the laughs and great Zoom meetings. xoxo - Ramona

Kathy Cotten and Megan Pettit- thank you creating The Outsiders enrichment book club! I am so excited for our students to read this amazing book!

Shout to Stacy Salimando, for being a great teammate! -Ramirez

Ramona- thank you for all of your hard work in English 7/8 and for being a huge support to me during DL. I appreciate you so much!

Laurie Fountain- You are incredible. Thank you for helping us to provide a hands-on experience for our students!

To the Amazing Katey Bouwman ... thank you for being so wonderful! :)

Tracy- You are so incredible. Thank you for all you do! Your art students are so lucky to have such an amazing teacher. I cannot wait to see the surrealism!

Shout out to Tracy Walmsley for always encouraging kids to find their passion in art- Ramirez

Stacy Salimando- For being positive and asking for help when needed! Anytime!

Thank you Katey for your support in creating the 4th quarter grade books. -L Ry

Melissa Miller - You amaze me everyday. I am in awe of your strength, your poise, and your awesome ability to do 501 things at once and do them all so well. Thanks for being an outstanding partner! - Cara

Eric- Taking over sexual health!! The science team thanks you and is here for you!!

Ananda, thank you for sharing your ideas with everyone! :)

To Laura, Katey, Meg, and Amy: So great to see you at the 7th grade Zoom today! Thanks for taking some extra time to connect with students! And thanks to all teachers and staff for connecting with students in different ways. : ) - Keller

Jennifer and Katey, for all you do to keep technology up and running and therefore keeping us sane! KC

Huge thank you to History 7 team, Kelly and Matt for all your ideas and help to keep our curriculum exciting and fun for the students to complete via Distance Learning!

Sarah Cammann- Wow girl, you have jumped right into the weirdest time in teaching! And, you are rocking it.

Ramona, Haley, Alyson, Thank you for all your support with English 7! Kathy

Ryan: I just really miss hanging out with you every day, roomie! Thank you for all of your support with our 7th graders in addition to stepping up and being an awesome AP! -Amerling

Shout out to Matt Smith, he knows why -Ramirez

Katey- thank you for your positive emails. Your support and encouragement is so appreciated.

Thank you Kristina for your organization and hard work! -Paulina

Karin Mellina - Thanks for jumping into my Zoom class this week. It was fun to have you there and the kids that got to hang out with you really enjoyed it. - Cara

Jennifer & Katey - Thank you for all of your amazing tech support!!! Your speedy response time is impressive :)

Alison Keehan - Thanks for being an awesome program specialist, sounding board, support, and leader! I love it when we both think the same thing at the same time! That way, if we're wrong, we're at least wrong together. : ) - Keller

Thank you to Kathy for working on our Outsider extension activity! - Ramona

Nicola, Happy National School Nurse's Day! Thanks for being so wonderful! :)

Haley: for being so incredibly supportive and responsive with our 7th graders. -Amerling

Eric & Brian:-) Helping me with great lessons and teaching me more about PowerSchool than I ever thought I wanted to know...LoL! Bonnie

Amy- thank you for all of your support in English 7. I miss co-teaching with you every day!

Amanda- thank you for always supporting me and helping me when I have questions.

Cotten, Thank you for sharing your wisdom. -L Ry

Thank you Alison Keehan for being someone I can always count on! -Paulina

Thank you in advance to many from our P.E. team, office team, campus security, and instructional aides for helping with P.E. clothes / locker room pickup next week! Looking forward to spending time with you! - Keller

Thank you Melody for your support and friendship- L Ry

Dollyanne - you'll just have to wait another year to see if the bowling champ is dethroned.

Tina Tafuri - You are the best Zoom partner ever! Thanks for monitoring my chat while I share my screen. The kids love seeing you and your smile certainly brightens my day! - Cara

Kim Pittner- Your dedication and love for your students is so inspiring. Thank you for being an inspiration, and and incredible mentor and friend. You are so amazing!

Electives and PE Team, I feel lucky to get to work with each of you! L Ry

Nicola for all the support you provide our students and staff, especially those of us who staple our fingers!!!

Ramona: for always volunteering to help in any way possible for our English team. -Amerling

The Science Team- For all their hard work before and during this distance learning!

To Ananda - Thank you for all your hard work for the east coast trip this year! I'm sorry it didn't work out as planned but I know all of your efforts are so appreciated. - Keller

Amanda Gregory- You are the best. Thank you for being a Disney Buddy with me. I miss seeing you and Piper, and Toby does too!- Katey

Karin for that awesome car parade for our students.

Jeremy, Thank you for making our T3 class connections such a good time! It's been great getting to know you & the students better with our games. - Eric

Shout out to Ramona Loiselle, for being so supportive and a great friend- Ramirez

Alison Keehan: for consistently taking my phone calls last minute when I need help with a student or family. -Amerling

Thank you to Karin for everything you do for us! - Ramona

Shout out to Meg Appel, for being a great friend -Ramirez

Alison, I am grateful I get to work with you! L Ry

Thank you to Allyson for all the team work and great chats. You are awesome! - Ramona

Thanks Katey for the Zoom planning meeting and letting me be a part of this fun unit.

Kim-I love working with you! Thank you for your insight and kindness!

Katey- All your TRT support! AND, maybe most importantly, your limoncello!

Thank you Amanda for the great survey you shared! - Ramona

Amy, thank you for all you do to support our students!

Kristina, for your friendship and support! Kathy

Matt Smith- We have been crushing planning together. You are so incredible with how you lesson plan. I have learned so much in the last year. Thank you!

Sarah Cammann: for letting me follow her in the parade and not getting us lost, as my sense of direction is the worst! -Amerling

Thank you Ryan for your willingness to always help and being a great team player! -Paulina

Special Education Instructional Aides: for working so incredibly hard to assist all of us in getting the best education delivered to all students. We appreciate you SO MUCH! -Amerling

Thank you to Haley for all her awesome ideas and leading our department! And for all the laughs. - Ramona

Allyson- thank you for all of your hard work in English 8. I am so glad you are a part of the team!

Tracy, This is not how we wanted to end the year, but you are going to be so happy in Walla Walla! KC

Byrd: for literally responding to my emails nano-seconds after I hit send! -Amerling

Thank you Paulina, for your support with students! L Ry

Cara - Thank you being so amazing!! You have helped me maintain perspective and remember what's important. I am so appreciative for your friendship :)

Thank you Karin for EVERYTHING that you do and for your support :) -Paulina

Matt Smith ... you are AMAZING! :)

Katie M - Thank you for all your support and collaboration! I really appreciate our daily chats :)

Katey B.:-) Helping me set up the new grade book and telling me I actually was doing it right... That vote of reassurance really helped! :-) Bonnie

Barto: for stepping up and being an awesome department chair! -Amerling

Ryan for your awesome support and organization of PE pick up. Karin

May Birthdays

Happy Birthday!

10 Haley Leverton

13 Bonnie McCann

17 Matt Heinecke

21 Katie Martel

24 Kevin Donahue

26 Kevin Ramirez

26 Laurie Hikel

27 Dollyanne Hutchins

29 Shante Kunin


Staff and Department /Grade Level Meetings will be on Wednesdays from 2:00-3:15

May 20, 2020 Staff (20 mins) PL

May 27, 2020 Staff (20 mins)Grade Level

June 3, 2020 Staff (20 mins) Department

Staff Meeting Zoom Link

TLT Meetings will be on Tuesdays from 3:00 to 4:00 pm

May 19, 2020

May26, 2020