Shirazi Class Newsletter

Week of March 23rd

Dear Parents

Thank you to all that were able to make it out to the Gala on Friday! A big thank you to all of you that helped put it all together and those who donated!! Our kids are worth it! :)

We'd like everybody to claim any items they won in the online auction or things they didn't pick up at the Gala Auction this Friday morning before school right out front.


Tammie Volk (Ethan's mom)

Ms. Shirazi's Room Parent

Math Night!

Parents are invited to Math Night TONIGHT. A representative from the District will talk about Common Core math from 5:00-6:00 in the auditorium, then teachers will have break-out sessions in their classrooms to talk about topics specific to each grade (from 6:00-7:00). Come hear about your student's current math or get ready for the math that's coming up next year. 1st grade for us will be in B1/B2.

Childcare will be provided.

Important Dates

March 27th - Friday - FREE DRESS!!

March 30th - April 6th - SPRING BREAK!

Spring Break is next week but please make note that we have Monday the 6th off for Cesar Chavez Day off so school will resume Tuesday April 7th! I forgot to mention this in last week's newsletter so please take note!


These surveys are SUPER IMPORTANT!!

The school district distributes the School Experience Survey to all parents, students (grades 3 and up), and employees each year. The survey is used to collect feedback for schools from the entire school community to inform their planning for next year. Your voice matters, and that's why your participation is important.

We are looking for 100% participation so please return your form online or in the envelop provided by April 10. You can send it home with students or hand them in to the office. Or use this online form along with the code printed on the survey that was sent home by teachers:,1052381&_dad=ptl&_schema=PTL_EP

Help us reach at least 80% participation and Mr. Pannell will give the kids an extra recess and popsicles!

We can do it! If you didn't receive a survey please check with the office. Thank you for your cooperation!!


Good news! We'll have a yearbook again this year to help us remember all the great events from this school year (and those cute little faces, too).

You can customize two pages of the yearbook with your own student's pictures that will print only in your copy. You must first register for a TreeRing account and then you'll be able to start customizing, or you can pre-purchase now without customizing.

Customized pages must be completed by May 1. Yearbooks are $21.99 for the paperback edition and will be delivered before the end of the school year.

Want to see pictures of your student's class in the yearbook? Please upload your photos to our Shutterfly site. See directions on getting access on the site if you're a first-time user: Please name your album ("Mrs. Pando's Trip to LACMA 2015", etc.) so we know where to place photos in the yearbook.

Awards Assembly

Mr. Pannell is implementing an awards assembly every month to celebrate our kiddos!

Our class will be getting t-shirts, medals and trophies for their awesomeness in their academics, participation and behavior!

Also 2 kids every month will be specifically honored!

Message from Ms. Shirazi

It was wonderful seeing many of you at the GALA event, away from school, dressed up with your significant other :) Please send any pictures.

Parent volunteer opportunities are available and will continue-

Mondays- Parent Read (sign up) Its a treat for the kiddos really enjoy having you in here reading a book to them in class.

Tuesdays and Fridays- Classroom Cleanup (no sign up necessary) a treat for us all!

Spring Break is here! Please continue practicing reading sight words and books. You may have your child write a book about "Spring Break" to share with the class. We are receiving caterpillars for the class soon. I'm sure you'll here more about that. I hope you have a relaxing break. Thank you for all that you do!