Seay Family Adoption Fundraiser

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The Seay's Story!

As you may know, God introduced our family to a 15 year old Ukrainian orphan this summer. We were not adoption minded in any way. We planned to show her unconditional love and some American fun and send her home. What we didn't expect was for her to change our hearts forever. Anastasia, known as Nastia, came into our home and observed quietly, never saying much or showing much. However, there were rare glimpses of her insecurity, joy, and heartbreak. Despite not being adoption-minded people at the outset, we offered her a family but she was too afraid to accept our offer. So we tried again this winter. She stayed with us for four weeks and what a roller coaster it was. Joy, moodiness, joy, fear, laughter, tears and so on. At the end of this hosting, we were sure she had chosen to remain in Ukraine despite her most certainly bleak prospects and future. However, just a few days ago we were rewarded with the best possible news! Nastia has chosen us to be her family! She has bravely chosen to leave behind her country, culture, language and everything she has ever known and trust us to love and support and encourage her as one of our own here in a new life. We are beyond blessed and so very humbled by her courage and trust. We have also been thrust into a very serious race against time to bring her home. US law says that we can't adopt her if she is sixteen and she turns sixteen March 31st. We have to condense a process that can take several months into 8 short weeks. If you are interested in our crazy journey, please join this group and if you are interested in helping please ask me! We need all the help we can get!!

To help the Seay Family reach their goal place your order here: Again 75% of my commission to them & hope & pray that this fundraiser helps them reach their goal!!!

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