October 13, 2015

Open Books

The Belton School District elementary schools will continue to implement the Open Books Parent Literacy Nights this school year. At Gladden we need two staff members who would like to lead this effort. Staff will be paid for the preparation work and implementing the program. See Amanda if you are interested.

STAR 360 Parent Reports

As our first window for STAR 360 testing closes all buildings will share a consistent report with parents. Please use the Parent Report when sending home reports to parents and / or during conferences. These reports seem to offer the most appropriate information to parents. Please let me know if you have any questions.

To access this report: sign into STAR, click on Reading Assessments, Math Assessments, or Early Literacy Assessments tab. Then, click on reports. From this list, chose Parent Report. If a Spanish version is needed, this option is present as well.

Mastery Connect Report Cards

Click here for the presentation concerning MasteryConnect and grade cards that was presented during the morning of our 10/12 PD day.

This presentation has important information and images, as well as links to ask questions and a schedule of when Instructional Coaches will be available to help teachers one-on-one with MasteryConnect.

At conferences teachers will show parents the color version of the report card on your MacBook. You will provide them a black and white copy.

STAR 360 and Mastery Connect

STAR 360 offers some very useful student data points on many standards. We are not requiring teachers to enter all STAR 360 data into Mastery Connect but will expect and strongly encourage entry of STAR 360 data especially related to Power Standards. Remember, this information is not averaged and will not adversely affect students grades as long as the entry date is not the last information entered. This is a single data point in a tracker meant to guide your instructional decisions and track student growth.

TEACHERS ARE NOT EXPECTED TO HAVE DATA ON ALL STANDARDS BY THE END OF 1ST QUARTER. Mastery Connect will house all standards within trackers and teachers are responsible for teaching all standards throughout the year. Our eventual goal will be to routinely gather student data regarding all individual standards within MasteryConnect. This becomes your grade book for all standards. This is a new initiative and will evolve over time as teachers become more familiar and comfortable with the tool. At this time the district expectation is that assessment / data information is entered for all Power Standards by the closing date for 1st Quarter grades. The Parent Report will only show Power Standards. However, teachers should also continue to collect and track data on all standards throughout the year.

Personal Leave

Below is our Board Policy on Personal/ Business Leave:

Personal Leave – Absences may be charged against personal leave for court appearances, unless applicable law or policy provides for paid leave, and for leave authorized by law, policy or the Board that would otherwise be unpaid including, but not limited to, leaveunder the FMLA.

Whenever possible, it is expected that requests for leave will be made in writing to the designated administrator at least 48 hours in advance of the time leave is requested.

However, 30 days' notice is required by law if the leave qualifies as FMLA leave and such notice is practical. The administrator will respond promptly to the employee's written request.

Staff will be notified annually of restricted personal leave days.

A district employee may not use personal leave days during the period the employee receives Workers' Compensation for time lost to work-related incidents.

Talent Ed Observations

Formal observations will begin next week. Each certified teacher will receive a minimum of three observations. As you know, post conferences may be electronic or in person. The first round of post conferences will be in person for all staff. Observations will be conducted in a variety of settings: classroom lessons, meetings (IEP, 504, data team), and parent-teacher conferences.

Strategic Abandonment Follow - Up

This month we will be discussing the recommendations from the Strategic Abandonment session in greater depth. One focus will be to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the current Character Education programming (assembly, buddy, and family). Another area to be reviewed is the current function of the BIST vision team. See Amanda with questions.

Spirit and Pride Fundraiser

Spirit and Pride will continue to be the Gladden school-wide fundraiser this year. Unfortunately, we are unable to discontinue this fundraiser as the commitment has already been made. Look for order forms to come out next week.

Data Team Clarifications

  • Non-data team discussion (anything outside of steps 1-6) should be handled prior to or following data team meetings.
  • 5 data cycles must be complete by the end of the school year and submit to DESE for our grant. ALL data cycles are focused on ELA due to the evaluation requirements and growth plan #2 (7.2).
  • Our first KCRPDC Data Team Consultant visit is October 20th. Every data team will meet during plan time on this day rather than during their typical PLC block that week.
  • Attached is a rubric that may be utilized to provide feedback to data teams throughout the school year.

Data Team Rubric

October 27th A+ Student Opportunities!

BHS College and Career Readiness day is October 27th. As part of this program, the high school would like to provide seniors the opportunity to complete additional A+ hours. The students are available from 8:00 - 2:30 on this day. Fill out the link if you would like to host a student for all or part of the day. It is preferred to host a student the whole day, but any amount of time is appreciated. (They do not need to be the normal teacher the A+ students are assigned to.)

October 27th A+ Student Sign-Up

Wishing Well/Celebrations

Congratulations, Knoll Family! The Knoll Family just welcomed a new grandchild from Uganda. Emma (Emmanuel) was adopted by Teresa's daughter Hannah and her husband. Emma is seventeen, but if you've seen Teresa she is glowing as if he was a newborn!

Show your hometown pride tomorrow and wear your Royals gear!

Happy birthday to our October birthdays! Laura Harmon, Julie Aguirre, Melissa Fleming, Sarah King, Sandy Worden, Amber Webel, and Kristin Corbin. QT birthday drinks will be coming your way! :-)