Nathann Kinkade



I am not involved in any activities in school, but i want to try the bass club


in kinder garden i went to either Harry Reid elementary school or searchlight elementary school, in Nevada i cant remember which one, from first to second grade i went to central community school in Iowa, from third grade to fifth grade i went to lyons elementary school in Kansas,and next i went to Nickerson elementary school for sixth grade and the i when to RVMS for a semester and the i went to Buhler middle school for the rest of seventh and eighth grade. and now i am in Buhler high school.


i want to go to hawk eye community collage in Iowa because my sister went there.


My dads name is John, my moms name is Jean, my sisters name is Krista, i have two brothers , Nick, and Sabbits.


I am allergic to bees.

Contact Info

620-680-1966 is my Dad, John

620-680-1970 is my Mom Jean

620-200-2132 is me, Nathan