Harry Harlow

The Nature of Love

What is Harry Harlow famous for?

His studies on affection and development using rhesus monkeys and surrogate wire or terrycloth mothers. Also for material separation, for dependency needs and social isolation experiments on rhesus monkeys. This manifested the importance of care giving and companionship in a social and cognitive development.

How did their research effect psychological thought?

Harlow's studies provided a new understanding to human behavior. Bowlby was a psychologist that was interested in the study of child development. Harlow was very influenced by him. Bowlby influenced another colleague to make a movie about the immediate effects of maternal separation. It also made a conversation about the need for maternal care.

How did the research effect the average American/person?

it showed the importance of affection, learning, early life behaviors.. Demonstrated that the need for affection created a stronger bond between mother and infant that did physical needs. (foods) It also made a conversation about the need for maternal care.

How was their research effected by the time period in which they lived?

The study of love was during a time when science was very popular. Psychologists thought this experiment could solve/reveal mysteries of love.
Harlow's Studies on Dependency in Monkeys