Angler Fish

What is an Anglerfish?

There are around 77 different types on anglerfish, and their scientific name is Lophiiformes. The anglerfish is a carnivore that can be found up to one mile below the surface in the Atlantic and Arctic oceans. They can get up to 3.3 feet and weigh up to 110 lbs. Because they are fish, they travel in schools. The females are known for the piece of spine that hangs above their heads to attract their pray. The males, however, are less commonly found because the attach their selves to a female and their body morphs into the females body.

The Problem

Why are Anglerfish a Problem?

Because their are so many species of anglerfish, they kill off a lot of fish. They feed off of any fish species they can attract, including those up to twice its size. Because they are so deep into the ocean, the pressure of the water is to much to travel down their and study these fish. This makes controlling them basically impossible, meaning there are no efforts to control them from killing off these other species. Because of this they will continue to kill of many fish species that we will not have to chance to study or help.


Anglerfish are mostly found in the deepest parts of the Atlantic and Arctic oceans.