Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Dear Pine Hollow Parents,

As the first quarter winds down, I want to encourage you to log into HomeLink and check your child's attendance, grade percentages, and assignment logs. Talk to your child about the red flags you are seeing, and please reach out to their teachers about questions and concerns you have. Also, encourage your child to talk to their teacher, turn in missing assignments, and ask for help. The quarter grade reports can be a good reason to have a "reset" with your child if they have fallen behind or gotten off track. Just as important, or perhaps more so, is to reward them and congratulate them for progress, hard work, and success!

This quarter our teachers are working hard to support students by chunking bigger projects into smaller assignments, limiting homework to critical areas of focus, checking for understanding often in class, using visuals and other tools to help students understand difficult concepts, and increasing the use of collaborative work so that students can learn from, and support, their peers. I see teachers using these techniques daily in our classrooms, and all of our students are benefiting from these efforts. That said, if your child is struggling, please reach out to your teachers, and encourage your child to do the same. Thanks and have a great rest of your week!

Ben Campopiano

Principal, Pine Hollow Middle School

(925) 672-5444 x5500



  • Here's what we discussed at last week's PTSA event "Coffee with Campo."
  • Here's what we discussed at the September PTSA meeting:
    -- Pine Hollow MS Budget
    -- PTSA Fundraising / Finances
    -- Chili Challenge / Halloween Party
    -- Communication and Community Building
    -- Membership Drive
    -- Coffee with Campo
  • Here's where you can get info about the upcoming PTSA meeting dates, membership, board slate, and planned events.

Pine Hollow Website

Our school website, was redesigned this fall, and now features our Twitter feed, important news and announcements, school calendars, program information, student guidelines, and lots, lots more. We update the site almost daily, and are striving to make sure that every page is informative, up to date, and beneficial for our stakeholders.

Site Council Update

Site Council is a group of stakeholders (parents, students, teachers, and staff) that meets monthly to discuss school-wide issues, plans, goals, budgets, and more. At yesterday's meeting we spent lots of time discussing our site budget, our safety protocols in the event of an intruder, and facility needs. Join us at our November meeting, and go HERE if you want to see our agendas, minutes, upcoming meetings, and/or membership slate.

HomeLink Reports

Here are the steps to set up a weekly progress report to be emailed to you about your child's grades, etc. From a web browser...

  • Click on your email address on the top right corner
  • Click on parent notification preferences
  • Check the box to receive weekly progress email
  • Select the day and time you want to receive the report
  • Click save

CAASPP Results

Individual student score reports from the 2017-18 administration of the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) were mailed home the week of September 10. If you did not receive your student's report, call Linda Savre at 682-8000 x4135. Resources for parents are also available on the district website at:

Upcoming Key Dates

  • October 8: Soccer Game #3 (3:30pm at PHMS)
  • October 12: End Quarter One
  • October 19: Q1 Report Cards Distributed
  • October 26: Halloween Party
  • October 26: Chili Challenge
  • October 26: Special PTSA Meeting
  • October 31: Halloween Dress Up Day

Student Mock Election

Today, our 8th grade students participated in the California Student Mock Election, a statewide program that engages our youth in the political process. 8th graders went to the library to cast actual mock ballots which we will send to the state for tabulation. Staff members at all levels wore red, white, and blue and engaged their classes in civics lessons to help support today's event. Please talk to your child about what they saw, experienced, or learned today, and consider including them in your own voting process this fall. Show them how you complete your absentee ballot, or take them to the polling place when you go vote in November ... your encouragement will go a long way in supporting our efforts to make them active and informed citizens, and lifelong voters.
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