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how is canada a constitutional monarchy?

Canada is a constitutional monarchy because they have a king and queen but they have little to no power at all,(like the queen of England ). their leader is a prime minister who they elect. also they have two houses that are like England . one is the house of commons(all the power is there). the other is the house of lords they get passed down their position. this is why Canada is a constitutional monarchy. the role of the citizen is a person getting to vote. they have all the rights we do in the us.

history about canada

Canadian couture is heavy influenced by English and French but why? well in the 17th century French explorer Jacques Cartier explored Canada and set up one colony that failed another French explorer also tried to set one up but Indians foiled him. later the English came and set up a successful colony also they had a move in parliament to annex Canada to them. part of Canada has the Coulter of some of France and England like they speak both langue of the British and French.also the queen and king of England is Canada to.
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some things in canada

a woundreful countrie

fun fact indains foiled settlers 3 times

this is canada