My Genius

My special talent is making music i can do it better than anyone else because I'm me and i know myself better than everyone else. I can share my word as i hear it in the only way people will listen to it. It would make the world a better place because i would bank and donate most of my money to my old schools and charities that were reliable. I would speak my mind and let the whole world who i am and why i'm here.

I can do it better than someone else because i would make a song about what i saw not what i herd. I would make it about my life not about what i got but about what i've done, doing and going to do. I would call all the fake people out and go hard on the track. I think i would make a million off a single.

Your heart

What breaks my heart is animal abuse i hate seeing when people hurt poor little animals like pandas, dogs, and other endangered animals. It breaks my heart when they kill endanger animals because there isn't that many of them. Its messed up that they kill them knowing that they not be there anymore just a few hundred dollars. I think they should hunt and kill animal abusers and poachers.

I think they should catch all the endangered animals and put a tracking device on them and give them a private park that man cannot go in. We need to start raising money so we can save the animals. by saving their habitats, stop poaching, Start supplying extra food for them.

My biggest dream

My biggest dreams might be the smallest yet i want it more than ever. My biggest dream is when i die i want to be buried in some Gucci shoes, Gavali belt, and a 1017 brick squad monopoly chain. But thats just what im wearing i want to have a pack a cigarettes, blunts and i want my purple styrofoam cup to be doubled up. I want my casket to be signed by all my favorite music artist.

When im being set in my eternal resting place, i want my song to be live the gun and die by the gun. I want to also be buried with a chopper so i can chop people down from the dead. I also want my grave to be on top of the monument, buried with a hang glider so i can rain death from above during zombie times.