Helping People

Solving problems is fun!

Why I Want to be a Detective

Nobody influenced me to be a detective, it just appeals to what I like to do. One of my interests is hearing people's problems and helping them. I've always been trying to help people since I can remember. I like helping people for the satisfaction of being a good person and because I'm curious about people with problems. I've made quite a few friends because of this and I consider that an achievement.

Role Model

I don't have a specific role model. Although, I do watch a lot of crime shows and it inspires me how many lives' the detectives change. Not only are they making a difference in the world but they go on adventures daily.

Guaranteed to be entertaining and fun


How do these jobs affect one mentally?

How big of a change in the world can you make?

Journey There

In order to achieve my goal of becoming one of these three jobs I will research which classes I should take to guide me. Also, I'll research my two questions and any other helpful information.