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Dr. Martin, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Dixon, Mrs. Shannon

Literacy Corner

Critical Thinking

Math Fact Fluency and Critical Thinking

Who isn’t looking for a way to aid student math fluency? These photos are simple ways students can “draw to solve.” If they take these steps first, they will have a true foundational understanding of how to solve the problems. You will also see a power point that contains information pertaining to multiplication and addition fluency. Keep reading the power point, and you will find additional ways to work on Math fluency and the reasons for spending time in this area. Thanks for all you do!

Math Fluency

Problem Solving

Critical thinking interactive white board activities for upper elementary students.

Thinking Blocks - Model and Solve Word Problems


Dr. Martin, Literacy Facilitator

Mrs. Jones, Instructional Coach
Mrs. Mixon, AIG Specialists
Mrs. Shannon, Digital Teaching and Learning Coach