Students: Just ENROLLED-Japanese1

What you need to do to catch up! ^o^

~✿~ ようこそ ~✿~

Welcome to Japanese 1, with Hall sensei! (◕‿◕✿)

Please be sure to have your login information from you ELA. Let me know when you have your login information. You can do this by texting me, 910-545-6473. Also, make sure that when you complete step 1, you read the announcements daily in the course. ^o^

Make sure you complete the times below FIRST:

  1. Welcome Call--Please be sure to schedule a call ASAP if you have not completed this. VERY IMPORTANT TO COMPLETE. You can find the link below to schedule a call.
  2. Student INFO Survey--You can find the link below. Please complete this if you haven't already. This is very important to complete.
  3. SIGN UP for Language Coaching sessions--This is part of the Intro Module assignment, but this needs to be done ASAP. --You can go to the 'Home' page in the course, then scroll down until you see the "green headset" icon image, and click on "Language Coaching." Find the link to "sign-up" for coaching sessions.
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STEP 2: Go to the "GETTING STARTED UNIT" in the course --Home page, scroll down to Japanese 1 Quick Link, Click on "Getting Started Unit."

Complete the following in the Getting Started Unit:

  1. Academic Integrity Quiz --located in the GS unit.
  2. Getting Started Unit Final Quiz --located in the GS unit.
  3. Getting Started Unit Questions and Concerns -- located in the GS unit.
  4. Submit an Assignment (e-Card) --OMITTED. (As long as you complete the student info survey.)


STEP 3: Go to the "Modules" link in the course--Home-->scroll down to "Modules"-->Introductory Module

Complete the following in the Introductory Module in the image below:

***Omit, "Getting Acquainted," OPTIONAL for you to have more time to get caught up quicker. ***

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Step 4: Go to the "Modules" link in the course--then go to Module 1--Lesson 1 to start lesson 1!

Please be sure to READ the announcements DAILY in the course!

  1. Lesson 1 Content Assignment DUE (Was Due on Tues Jan 31st)--Go through Lesson 1 content, then complete the practice activities in the content section. Part of your grade.
  2. Lesson 1 Reading and Writing Assignment DUE (Was Due on Tues Jan 31st)--After studying lesson 1 material, go to Lesson 1 Reading and Writing Assignment.
  3. Lesson 1 Cultural Discussion Assignment DUE (Was Due on Wed Feb 1st)--Complete the cultural discussion assignment, be sure to post your citations with your discussion, as well as reply to two classmates' posts.
  4. Lesson 1 Speaking Assignment DUE (Due on Thurs Feb 2nd)-- Complete the speaking assignment with working audio, post your audio, as well as reply to two classmates' post.
  5. Lesson 1 Hiragana Quiz (due on Fri Feb 3)-- Study your 10 Hiragana characters for lesson 1, then take your quiz.
  6. Lesson 1 Grammar & Vocab Quiz (due on Fri Feb 3)-- Study your L1 vocabulary and grammar before taking this quiz.
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