News from Room 4

April 6, 2018

What we will be learning/doing after the break:

* Language Arts Unit 5: Week 3- There are many kinds of weather.

- Vocabulary: forecast, conditions. extreme, tranquil, commotion, predict, breeze

- Grammar/Mechanics: synonyms and antonyms

- Phonics: noisy "r" spelled or.

- Spelling Words: born, cork, horn, corn, fork, pork, thorn, sport, barn, arm, know, great

- Skill: Venn Diagram: compare and contrast

Important Notes:

-Remember to READ over the break!!

-Sign up HERE to bring a snack for the Bunny Brunch on Wednesday, April 18th at 9:30. Your child may dress up in bunny ears or bring in a bunny stuffed animal or toy to help us celebrate my favorite animal, a bunny! I'll read a bunny book while we enjoy bunny snacks in the garden. Please send in a blanket or towel for your child to sit on. This is a child event only. Thanks!

-Today an adjective project was sent home. Please place any object in the brown paper bag provided and help your child write 5 adjectives on the outside describing the inside object. Students will guess what is inside the bag using the adjective clues.

Getting ready for open house...

Over the past 3 weeks we studied 4 famous artist, wrote about them and made art that was inspired by them.

We are starting to write our opinions and had a taste test of 4 different types of candy to show the different opinions in the class. Last night parents tried to guess their child's favorite candy. Thanks!

Open House

Thanks for coming last night! The students were so excited to share their amazing work with you!

Mrs. Offerman's Room

We helped the Kinders practice for Open House. They showed us around their room.

Book Club

Thank you Gabriella for hosting Book Club.

Adjective People

We made ourselves and used adjectives to describe our character traits.
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Flat Mrs. Campbell

Remember to bring your Flat Mrs. Campbell with you. Take pictures and write about your adventures over the break. Then present it by reading your story, show pictures, or make a presentation any way you would like. Remember this is optional.
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2nd Grade Business Plans

The second graders pitched a business plan and students were able to take pictures on the fun back drop. If you child choose to participate, the pictures went home in the Friday folder. This was just one example of a business.
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Snake Walk

The entire school walked around the school to see all the wonderful classrooms after Open House.

Upcoming Events:

April 9th-13th: Spring Break

April 18th - Bunny Brunch


Christy Campbell