Books I have read

By Matthew

Killer Pizza The Slice

The author is Greg Taylor. His genre is fiction. Which means he right things that could not happen. This books topic was about zombies and killing them to protect. I would rate this book a four because it was sometimes hard to follow. Th books was great overall because I really like zombies and killing them.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Jeff Kinney

He rights realistic fiction

He rights about a kid that has a bunch of bad stuff happen to him

I would rate this book a 5 because it has just the right amount of pictures and just the right amount of chapters.

The Revenant

Micheal punke

He right realistic fiction

He rights about a adult that gets hurt bad by a bear

I rate this a 5 because it has a lot of action

Stick and Whittle

Sid Hite

Realistic fiction

He rights about to people that have the same name and they go on adventures

This rating is a 4 because it gets boring at points

What I learned

What I learned in reading is I learned that I like zombies. I read a book about zombies and I thought is was pretty cool. There was quite a bit of pages but after I got to reading it seemed like it took a day. After that I read books that were shorter but still good. I had fun reading about zombies and killing them.

I learned new reader straitigies. I like the visualize one because then you get to make a picture in your mind p. There is a lot more but that is the best one that I think. The second best one is prediction then I get to think what is going to come next in the story.

I also learned that I like to read nonfiction. That means that I like stories that couldn't happen. The resson is because I like story's that doesn't make sense. Like I like the book when I was little was buzz and the fly or somthing like that. It is a good book and I use to read that book all of the time.

The last thing that I learned is that is like short funny book. I like funny books because I like to laugh. Short funny books are the best book. Long boring books are the worst. I don't think any one likes those kind of book. All I'm saying is just find a good book for you and read it if you find one that is funny or something just find a book and read it.


I will be talking about why kids should read book. Kids don't usaly love books they like video games and stuff like that. They could care less about reading books. That were we stop it. We need to make kids read more books if we don't they will be dumb and will not be a bold to understand what they are seeing in a book. If we stop reading books al together then the world might stop reading books. Then in the future how will we be able to read and understand people we won't we will be DUMB.

People need to read this is why I think people need to read more than play video games. I think if people want to read more than we need to get them to read. He needs to do fun stuff for people to read. We need to make them want to read. Kids like to read if they have an interesting book and a book, they want to read. Some people like to read just on their own but some people don't want to read at all. Sure we can make them read but are they going to be interested no. Teachers can just force the to read.

I want people to read. If we couldn't read them how could we know what we are doing or how would we play video games. The world is surrounded by reading of you can't read the you will have a hard time getting a job. People need people that they can trust they can't trust people that don't even know how to read. Like if you couldn't read this you would, it knows what I am saying and you would just see words on a paper. You need to know how to read if you want a job or if you want anything in life. If you are signing a contract then how you. If you read what, they are saying. If you don't read a contract, they could say they will take all of your money and they could take your house, and you could've prevented that from happinign in if you read.

Books are fun if you make them fun. People always think people books are boring and they are the worst thing. If you make books interesting and you think they are fun, they will become fun. You have to stay into the book you can't give it up. The only way you give a book up is if the book is too hard for you or if it has too many hard words.

I sometimes like to read. The only time I will read is if found a good interesting book. A good book that I like is Killer Pizza The slice it is the best book. The reason it is so good is because it is about zombies trying to take this girl from this guy. The guy is trying to protect her, but the zombies won't stop until they get to her.

There are many good books you need to find the right one. A lot of people like different books if you find the perfect books for you, that's all you need. Don't listen to friends, they don't know what books you like. So in conclusion finds a book that is good for you and read it, there is nothing wrong with reading.