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Benefits of Renting Holiday Villas in Benissa

On the Costa Blanca, the seaside town of Benissa is one of the oldest towns in Alicante. With lovely white sand beaches, bordered by the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and lush vegetations covering the valleys and mountains, Benissa is a premier beach vacation destination in Spain.

Benissa offers accommodations suitable for all budgets. It has several hotels, both luxurious and budget, hostels, holiday apartments, villas and rural houses. Among the different types of holiday accommodations available in Benissa, the self-catering accommodations offer the best solutions for enjoying a hassle free vacation with family and friends.

Why rent a holiday villa in Benissa

Holiday rentals are suitable for short vacations as well as long-term stays. Compared with the standard hotel rooms, a holiday villa offers a larger and more functional space. While the usual bed and breakfast accommodations comprise of a bedroom for sleeping two to three people and an en suite bathroom, by renting a holiday villa, you get an entire house with all its facilities for yourself.

Renting hotel rooms is a more expensive proposition than renting a large holiday villa for a group of friends traveling together. As the holiday home rent is split between the members of the groups, the rent per head is lower than the cost of booking several rooms in a bed and breakfast accommodation.

There is no better accommodation than a cozy holiday home for spending intimate time with your spouse or partner. You can share an intimate moment with your loved one by the side of the pool, in the luxuriant villa garden or the sunny terrace of the holiday home. The privacy of the holiday home offers the right environment for relationships to blossom.

For families, a holiday villa in Benissa is a safe and secure accommodation for staying with kids. Some of the holiday villas have restrictions on the age of renters. Nonetheless, there are numerous vacation villas than permit group of young adults.

By renting a vacation villa in Benissa, you can manage your holiday schedule your way. There is no restriction on meal times and you can access the pool, terrace and other villa facilities at any time As the holiday homes in Benissa are located in the scenic properties of the town, you can enjoy a great view of the town and its landscape. Moreover, the tranquil environs of the holiday villas are aptly suited for a peaceful vacation.

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