MIS Monday Message

February 8 - 12

Are you Engaged?

We talk a lot about engaging our students in learning, but what about the adults? Unfortunately, research has not found great results. It shows that on any given day, only 30% of teachers are actively engaged in their job. Sadly, 57% of teachers are categorized as not engaged, and 13% are actively disengaged. When teachers are not engaged it leads to higher absenteeism and less learning for students.

We all have those days when something might be going on that's taking our mind elsewhere. Maybe one of our children is sick or struggling, we are worried about something at home, or have a deadline to meet. However, this is talking about the disengagement that lasts day after day, and even year after year. This kind of disengagement leads to higher rates of absenteeism for staff, loss of learning for students, and impacts the culture of the school. I've shared a link for the article below if you'd like to read the research yourself.

We do many things to encourage engagement at our school, but it's not just the job of the leaders to encourage this. You are all leaders and can have a lasting impact on each other. This week I want you to think about some ways that help you to stay engaged with your students and in your job. Share those with each other in your meetings this week. And most importantly, if you see someone on your team who has become disengaged, encourage them by reminding them of the importance of the work we do.

I know Crystal emailed about the board with the hearts this week and encouraged you to check it out, but I want to remind you as well. You can't help but smile and see how we're doing a lot of things right when you read what our kids have to say about MIS. I've shared some of my favorites below.

Let's make it a great week at MIS!


Monday, 2/8

  • Academy begins

Tuesday, 2/9

  • Progress reports go home
  • MAP Growth reward (15 minute recess - parapros and AmeriCorps cover)
  • 3rd grade, 1:30 - 1:45
  • 4th grade 1:55 - 2:10
  • 5th grade 2:20 - 2:35

Friday, 2/12

  • Valentine Parties, 2pm


  • Feb. 15 - No school
  • Feb. 19 - Donuts for Dads
  • Feb. 26 - Fourth grade field trip to STEM festival in Little Rock
  • Feb. 27 - Polar Plunge