What is the Industrial Revolution and why is it amazing? '56

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Not very long ago, an intelligent and brave BRITISH individual changed AMERICAN lives. Samuel Slater, smuggled himself inside America from Britain while memorizing all the designs for textile mills. He built the machines and they worked! His machines will be known as the starters of the Industrial Revolution and will be known as the father of the textile industry. Another such hero is Eli Whitney who addressed the problems of the slow production of goods like guns and muskets. He came up with ideas about interchangeable parts, which he presented to the President John Adams and his Secretary of War. His ideas of interchangeable parts introduced the concept of mass production.
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The Train Drivers

Have you ever went traveling? You know all the walking you have to do, or if you have a wagon, the axle almost always comes off. Well, the most modern country America has just come up with the most efficient and easy way to go long distance ever seen in the world at that time. Introducing the train, or locomotive, and us, The Train Drivers, are starting to give rides! It goes faster than horses, and you will never have to walk or take a wagon. Soon, there will be railroads so you can go practically anywhere. And if you need to go anywhere by water, no need to worry, introducing the steamboat, the fastest way to get anywhere by water. Telegraph now at .--....----..-.-.--.-...-.--., that's .--....----..-.-.--.-...-.--..


America is probably the most modern country, even better than Great Britain. We have already created so many things, it is overwhelming. America just wants Americans to be relaxed and feel no pressure. And, just recently, Samuel F. B. Morse. created the telegraph that can send messages over a very long distance. Plus, John Deere, saved a lot of hard bone-breaking working hours. For all of you farmers, you know how hard it is to plow through the hard soil with a iron plow, well, he made a major farming technological advanced. He created the steel plow, which is much easier to use. Before, factories used to be built near rivers, because they could only use water power. But now, they could be built anywhere because of steam power. Remember Elias Howe, the chap that made the spinning wheel, well, Isaac Singer made major improvements to it make it much better. All of these inventions make America, America.

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