Jacob V. Alexandra A. Cartez A. Dayshawn R.

Adolf Hitler

D.O.B.-April 20th 1889

D.O.D.-April 30th 1945

  • Hitler suffered from Parkinsons disease, and insomnia.
  • Hitler was born in Braunau Am Inn Austria (Across the border from Germany.)
  • In 1905 he moved to Vienna where he acquires anti-semetic beliefs.
  • Influenced by writings of ideologist and anti-Semite Lanz von Liebenfels and Karl Lueger founder of Christian social party and mayor Vienna
  • In 1918 a British soldier spared his life.
  • Later joined the Bavarian army and soon gained his citizenship in Germany in 1932
  • awarded two iron crosses for bravery.
  • On August 2nd 1934 he gained absolute power over Germany after the death of the president of Germany.
  • Soon known as Nazi leader, and dictator of Germany.
  • April 30th 1945 Hitler married and soon committed suicide with his wife 40 hours later
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Did You Know?

  • Hitler had a passion for art, he applied to Vienna Academy of Art and was denied twice
  • He was once in love with a Jewish girl
  • Wrote a book called "Mein Kampf" (My Struggle)