Much Ado About Nothing



Beatrice is niece of Leonato, (wealthy governor of Messina), and cousin of Hero. She's independent and doesn't belieave in marriage. Beatrice is feisty and witty. Beatrice comes off strong, but she is also caring, generous woman. Hero explains that Benedick is in love with Beatrice and Beatrice over hears and she becomes weak because she knows deep down she still loves him.


Benedick is an aristocrat and has been fighting as a soldier under the control of Don Pedro and Claudio. He enjoys mocking Beatrice with their witty come backs and deep down still loves her. Benedick, just like Beatrice swears he will never get married,


Hero is the cousin of Beatrice and daughter of Leonato. She's beautiful and kind and gentle and well liked by many people, She and Caludio fall in love but later on, due to Don John's actions, they separate and Hero falls apart as her lover sets out for revenge.


Claudio is a successful soldier who's also been fighting under Don Pedro. Once he gets back from fighting he falls in love with Hero. But because of rumors and him believing everything he hears, they separate and he seeks revenge.


Leonato lives and is the governor of Messina, Italy and a well respected noble. He is the father of Hero and the uncle of Beatrice and has close to the highest social rank in Messina right behind Don Pedro.

Don Pedro

Don Pedro is best friends with Leonato and is also close to all of the soldier who fight under his control. He is also referred to as "prince". He is the most powerful man of Messina and although he is caring loving and courteous to his friends, he is quick to believe rumors and bad things going around the city of Messina and also feels very vengeful.

Don John

Don John is the villian in Much Ado About Nothing. He's cold-hearted and is always trying to stir things up. He's angry all the time and is bitter because his brother is more successful and popular than he is himself.


Conrad and Don John are very close and now is even thought to be his lover. Don John doesn't belong and maybe that's just another things that sets him apart from everybody else.


Margaret is Hero's servant and is an honest caring woman but since she is in love with Borachio, she helps Don John and him in convincing Claudio that Hero cheated on him. Margaret is part of the lower class in Messina.


The lover of Margaret- He associates with Don Pedro and with his help tricks Claudio into thinking Hero has cheated on him. He stirs up trouble and his name means "drunkard" in Italian.


He's an honest officer in Messina and like Margaret, is part of the middle-class. He often attempts to speak like a nobleman but often doesn't make it sound right.


Helps "trick" Benedick into falling in love with Beatrice. He's a musician and works in the house of Leonato. He attempts to talk to Margaret at the party but Margaret is in love with Borachio.