The Odd Boy Out


Albert Einstien

On March 14, 1879 Albert Einstien was born in germany. After Albert was born the doctor noticed a swelling in the back of his head,and realized it would probably be there for the rest of his life. As Albert grew up and went to school, people began to notice Albert was odd in some ways. Instead of playing ball like all the others Albert would much rather sit and think. Albert was jewish and many of the other children despised him for that. Albert was struggling in school but he loved math so much that his parents got a tutor who tought Albert through Geometry so much to where the tutor could no longer follow.When his parents moved to Italy Albert was not allowed to come because he had to serve time in the military. This enraged Albert enough to where he was released from school and moved to italy! Albert took up an expert level III class of geometry allowing him to invent things we use today with simply one equation. E=MC

Alberts Inventions