The Snake and Crocodile

Trey Duckworth

One day a crocodile swam up to his neighbor snake. Crocodile was a very cunning and had a bad reputation in this forest. Snake on the other hand was very kind and caring but he could also stand up for himself. Many people were fond of snake, for he has always protected his friends. So the crocodile invited the snake over for dinner that night. The snake agreed but didn't trust the crocodile so he went at it with caution.

That night the snake arrived right on time. " I'm here my dear friend crocodile" hollered snake.

'' Oh joy, I have just finished preparing the meal" exclaimed crocodile in a suspicious voice.

That night they ate and ate until they were all very full.

"May I please have one more sandwich please"? asked snake happily. The night had gone great snake thought, no tricks or pranks. Though snake didn't let down his guard.

" I would love to get you another, just a few minutes". said crocodile suspiciously.

The crocodile went passed snake and in to the kitchen, but suddenly turned back and crawled back behind snake's chair. Snake relied what he was doing and slithered out of his chair and wrapped himself around the crocodile. Snake knew all along that the crocodile had some dirty plan thought up. About a minute later the snake let go and slithered out of the house into the depths of the forest.

Theme: Being sneaky and sly doesn't pay off.