Google Smart Searching

Alexis Pedersen

Alexis Pedersen

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Safe Settings

Safe settings can help when you a searching by taking away all of the inappropriate videos, words, or pictures. When you have your safe settings off then all of the videos, text, or pictures I'll appear.

Location Settings

Location settings helps by telling you where places are around you. If you go traveling and you need to find somewhere you can go to location settings and type where you are at and it will tell you places by you.

Language Settings

Language settings helps if you speak a different language, you can change the language settings and everything will be in that language.


1. Location settings gives you places that are close to you

2. Language settings gives you options if you speak a different language

3. Safe search helps if children are on google to not see the inappropriate things on google

4. Safe search helps with any age

5. Using search settings can help you get better results