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Transitioning Students to Adulthood

Winter is definitely here. Please plan accordingly - leave early if you need to, stay safe on the roads but try to get here on time. If you are going to be late please call or email letting us know and make sure your time in ESS reflects your hours you are here.

Remember this is our winter break and be culturally sensitive to all of those who may celebrate a holiday different than yours or not celebrate anything at all.

We have one more week to go! Yeah! I hope each of you takes a chance to enjoy family, friends, relaxation and whatever you do to recharge yourself. Although we have some fun plan this week, it's still important to maintain structure and routine.

Have a great break!!!!

Ugly Sweater Contest

On Wednesday, we will be having an ugly sweater contest. Drag out your ugliest sweater and plan on wearing it Wednesday - There will be voting and prizes given for students and staff.

Food Service News

We will resume with staff lunches after the holiday break. We’re getting lots of requests for more potatoes! We will also provide a salad bar one day in January.

Students in all Food Service and Basic Cooking classes will be participating in a Cake War next week. Please feel free to stop by on Thursday and check out their amazing work.

Happy Holidays,

Tia and crew

Step Up Summer Jobs

We will have a representative from Step-Up Summer Jobs coming to Transition Plus on Tuesday, Jan 17. The Step-Up representative will share information on Summer Jobs with Team 3 from 12:20 -12:50 in room C183 (Tia) and with Team 2 from 12:50-1:20 in room C204 (Sue). Students must live in the city of Mpls to qualify for Step-Up.

The Step Up on-line application is now open. The deadline to apply is Friday, Feb 10. Go to

Please send interested students only to the presentation, along with staff as appropriate. Please contact Trish with any questions on Step-Up Summer Jobs.

Due Process Corner

Recently I've been reminding a lot of people of (and sending them a link to) the DP Fast Facts. It had all of the info about meetings already on it, plus correcting IEPs, etc. I think it may be helpful to review briefly at a staff meeting, just so people see what's on it and remember that it's available. I get questions that can easily be answered by that document.

There have been several EdPlan changes.

Please make sure to read the EdPlan Message Board as it has several important/pertinant messages
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SEA Opportunity

We have an SEA at project Search (Children's Hospital) that will be on a leave of absence starting in February. If you would like to be considered for this position we are conducting an internal interview to ensure there is the correct fit for this position. If you are interested in being considered for this position please submit your resume and cover letter to Jason by Wednesday January 4th. We will be interviewing the top 4-5 candidate, depending on the response.

Student Need

We have a student that is working on money skills and identifying items from newspaper ads. If you receive the Sunday paper and would be willing to bring in the ads please touch base with Tra.


We have been experiencing extremely high numbers of absences- here are some reminders:

We do not have substitutes for our ESP staff – so if you are out it leads us to pulling staff from other areas of the building or we go without in certain rooms.

We need to try to provide as much consistency for students as possible, especially in the next week prior to break.

If you are sick please stay home and work on getting yourself better to be present and ready to work. Drink plenty of fluids and get your rest.

Please remember to wash your hands often, especially during this cold and flu season.


Here is a website that helps students to learn Money Skills- works well on Prometheon

And Work Skills

This is a Special Ed Resource on the District Page- RISA

Support for Mamie

Please consider supporting Ms. Mamie by donating to this Go Fund Me and posting on your social media so she can move forward during this hard time of loss.

Staff Luncheon

My gift to T-Plus for the holidays is to provide you with a lunch on Friday 12/16/16.

Lunch will be prepared by the students from Coffee Plus.

On the menu will be salad, wraps, chips, pickles, desserts (GF & Veg options will be available)

Pre-CNA News!

Please congratulate Praynicia Welch, Hanan Adan, Melissa Lee, Lisa Leitchman and Richard Lomas for getting certified in AED and CPR last Friday!

Tuesday, December 13th at 12:30, (advisory) Regina Shannon, R.N. From Lighthouse Training Center, will be sharing information about scholarships for Certified Nursing Assistant Training through Emerge. Pays for tuition, books, uniforms, transportation, and childcare! Guaranteed job afterwards! All who are interested are welcome if accompanied by advisor or with a pass from their advisor. Room C206

Ms. Shannon will also be donating a hospital bed to our CNA program!

Consider your role in Behavior

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