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February 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Here we are, in the middle of winter, nearly half way through a school year that is one of the most unique we will likely ever experience. Thank you for your trust and support as we move through this dynamic time in the best way possible. Everyone....parents, family members, children, and staff members....are doing all they can to create the learning conditions required for the circumstances we are faced with.

Please contact me at 585.924.3252, Ext. 3400 if you would like to engage in a conversation about having your child return to the hybrid model. If there is any possibility at all that this change would work for your family, we are prepared to help make this change happen. Having children within the halls and walls of our school is the positive energy that feels so right!

Best wishes for a wonderful month that includes extra Valentines Day hugs and more family time. We are happy to be in partnership with you.

Danielle M. Dehm, Ed.D

Interim Primary School Principal

Student Safety

As the year goes on, we are seeing a number of students who have signed out as walkers but are being picked up at various locations on campus or on Lacthmere Drive adjacent to campus. This has created a scenario where students are crossing roadways during the most congested time of the day. While it may create a convenience, please do not put this plan in place due to the safety risk it creates.

VPS 100% Remote Learning Plan

Preparation doesn’t assure victory, it assures confidence. ~ Amit Kalantri

This message is to create confidence in the parent community that, in the event that a circumstance due to the pandemic results in a decision for the district or the Primary School to move to 100% remote learning for all children, we have a plan which strives to keep learning in the forefront. Even though the current political narrative is to keep schools open, we have a plan which provides both face-to-face connection and flexibility to meet the needs and accommodations of all types of learners.

The following tenets were kept in the forefront as the foundation for the 100% remote plan was crafted:

  1. Limited change for students and staff was important,
  2. Face to face, synchronous learning would be prioritized over videos,
  3. Doing less and doing it well would be key,
  4. There would be trust that everyone would be doing the best they can given the situation we are faced with at the time.

Please see the sample below of the student schedule from both the BLUE and GOLD cohort perspective. This plan would require one week for us to attend to details when children would engage in virtual learning and the currently produced virtual learning sets while we engage in our behind-the-scene focus. In addition, students currently engaged in remote learning would also fold into this plan. I am confident that, in partnership with all involved….parents, teachers, and children…...we will each do our best to execute this plan in the event we even need it at all.

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USDA Free Food Provision

In accordance with provisions made by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) due to the pandemic, the Victor Central School District will be providing free food to families beginning Monday, February 1. This benefit is available to everyone, regardless of free and reduced lunch eligibility! On the days your children are here (except for Wednesdays), they will arrive home with pre-bagged items for breakfast and lunch. It is important to note that this plan will replace evening meal distributions from the Senior High concession stand.

Remote learners can benefit from this provision by having food for 5 days delivered directly to your home on Wednesdays. Please OPT IN for this opportunity by clicking on the appropriate button below then completing the necessary form.

For hybrid learners whose parent prefers to OPT OUT of this program, please click on the appropriate button below and complete the necessary form.

Valentine's Day Celebration Reminder

All children (those in the hybrid and virtual models) are invited to bring in valentines and should create valentines for all class members regardless of whether they are in the blue, gold, or virtual group. We respectfully request that you avoid valentine cards that include candy or food.

Celebration specifics:

BLUE Cohort: Send valentines to school by February 2 for a February 10 celebration.

GOLD Cohort: Send valentines to school by January 29 for a February 12 celebration.

VIRTUAL Cohort: Drop valentines off to school by February 3 and stop by the main window anytime after 12pm on February 12 to pick up your notes from others.

“If you go looking for a friend, you’re going to find they’re very scarce. If you go out to be a friend, you’ll find them everywhere.” ~ Zig Ziglar

Victor Primary School Presents...

"Soup"er Bowl


Please bring a food item to support the Victor/Farmington Food Cupboard!

We are collecting non-perishable food until February 5th.

Thank you in advance for helping those in need!

Each student at Victor Primary is invited to dress in his/her favorite team colors/outfit to celebrate on the following days:

BLUE Cohort: February 2

GOLD Cohort: February 5

From the Health Office...

Please call the Health Office if your child will be absent from or late to school (even due to a medical appointment) at 924-3252, ext. 3412. You can also email: Please be sure to communicate the child's first and last name as well as the teacher's name. In the event of an absence, we also require an email or handwritten note with the reason for the absence upon the child's return. Thank you!
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Safety Scouts

Safety Scouts are assigned strategic, socially distanced posts outside and inside the building. Their role is to assist in the safety of our students by making sure their classmates are acting in a responsible and respectful way as they enter and exit the building. Congratulations to the following third-grade students who were selected as the current Safety Scouts:

Blue Cohort

Finley Cooper, Josephine Betters, Gianna Cologgi, Ella DeRoller, Addison Johnson, Curtis Cayo, Anna Bertrand, Arda Ekener-Le, Mirra Sherman, Maci Sherman, Isla Greeley and Mason Ceravolo.

Gold Cohort

Grayson Potter, Connor McDougal, Brenna Ray, Riley Sherwood, Ethan Coe, Melody Shields, Miranda Rohena-Bosch, Greyson Sabbour, Isabella Hile, Frank Smith, Madison Lennon and Alice Ferencz.

From the AIS Math Department

Counting backwards is an important skill to help students build their number sense. It helps them understand the relationship of numbers by being able to recall the order the numbers go forward and backward. This also helps them begin to develop an understanding of subtraction. You can practice this at home in a number of ways. Try counting backwards in the car, waiting in the grocery line, or just for fun at home. You can also roll two dice, make a two digit number, then count backward to zero from that number. If you don’t have dice, use a deck of cards, or the ages of people in your family to make it extra fun!

Fractions are also a big part of 3rd grade curriculum. Using language at home like “whole, half, equal parts” will help students develop an understanding of a fraction being an equal part of whole. Following a recipe is also a great way to practice using fractions at home.

Student Drop Off

Students may be dropped off at the south lot of the building (by the basketball courts) between 9:00 a.m. - 9:15 a.m. at the double-doors near the corner of the building closest to the main road. An aide will be there to greet your child.

If you are dropping off your child to school after 9:15 a.m., your child is considered late. Please walk your child into the front of building and fill out a tardy slip on the table in the vestibule and hand it to the receptionist. Your child will receive a hall pass to give to the classroom teacher so that the teacher knows he/she has checked in at the Main Office. Please do not just drop off your child and leave.

Dismissal Procedures

Dismissal at the Primary School begins at 3:05 p.m. following the afternoon announcements. Requests for changes in dismissal must be done prior to 11:00 a.m. on the requested day.

If you are picking up your child from school after 2:40 pm, go directly to the South parking lot.

As always, be prepared with a picture ID when picking up your child from school.

Thank you for your cooperation in making our dismissal process run smoothly!

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Books for Babes

There is a quiet and understated program at Victor Primary School which demonstrated vitality over the years as it endured a number of changes. Books for Babes is a program that began approximately 20 years ago in an effort to welcome and connect with newborns in the district. By acknowledging a new parent in this most beautiful and important role with a welcome letter, the gift of a book, and a tidbit about the importance of daily reading to a child of every and any age, this gesture is meant to assure parents that their efforts prior to a formal school experience are significant and matter. Please keep this in mind and return the coupon below (or send an email) informing us when a baby has been born to a family member or friend and we will send out a celebratory gift. After all, the preschool years fly by and the babies of today will be here at VPS very, very soon!
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