Yellow Fever

By: Cornelius Brozell


  • On the Panama Canal, workers died from the mosquitoes spreading Yellow Fever.
  • Eighty-Five percent of workers here hospitalized and 12,00 died.

Info on Disease

  • It killed approximately 5,000 of 45,000 people living Philadelphia in 1793.
  • There are two different types of yellow Fever Urban and Jungle
  • Urban: Found in city areas
  • Jungle: Found in forest
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  • There are three stages of the disease: Infection, Remission, and intoxication
  • Fifteen percent of the Yellow Fever cases progress to serious form of the disease include high fever, jaundice, bleeding, shock and organ failure.
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  • There was an estimate 200,00 cases of Yellow Fever each year causing about 30,000 deaths worldwide.
  • For approximately 15% of the infected people the illness occurs in the more severe form within 48 hours.
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  • There is a vaccine that has been out since 1937.
  • The vaccine is very effective for preventing the spread of mosquito were controlled by a poison or pesticide called.
  • They were courageous living through pain; such as, abdominal area, black vomit, and also very high fevers.
  • They experience weakness and fatigue, but they have a lasting immunity to subsequent infections, and they do not have organ damage.


  • Among those who develop the sever disease 20-50% die.
  • Just wondering what the impact would be if animals and humans alike Yellow Fever were transmitted through animals.
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