Parent Newsletter

Technology Incorporation in the Classroom

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How can we use everyday technology to enhance our children's education?

Whether it be the projector, the Smart Board, or individual computers, we use technology in every aspect of a child's education. It is important that you, as a parent, understands this technology and are able to communicate with your child about what they are doing in the classroom. In this month's newsletter I am explaining three tools that are utilized in your child's elementary classroom everyday!


Most everyone has seen and been on the application YouTube. YouTube is a great educational tool that can be used to present topics, in video form, to give students a different learning perspective. For example, there are videos for Kindergarteners that go into detail about Metamorphosis. The teacher can present the material first and use a video to reinforce the material for visual learners.


Pinterest is an awesome way for teachers to find great lesson plans for their students. Teachers make "boards" where they post beneficial learning strategies, disciplinary techniques and lesson plans. Other educators then follow their boards and find useful ideas to present to their classroom that they would have not otherwise been able to utilize.


I would not be surprised if most of the parents reading this newsletter have never heard of Prezi before. Prezi is basically the new Microsoft PowerPoint. It provides teacher's with a new way to introduce material. While it is not a video site, you are able to upload videos, pictures, and interactive "GIFS" to support written material. If being demonstrated on a touch screen electronic, one can navigate the lesson by tapping right on the screen! It will first show you an outlook of the presentation as a whole and then you are able to zoom in on specific details. Children respond to the new and interactive nature of this website.