The Last Olympian by Rick Riordon

B y Thaddeus Brooks

Thaddeus Brooks

The last Olympian By Rick Riordon. Fiction 381 pages

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The protagonist is Percy Jackson. He is a son of Poseidon. He is tying to save Olympus and the world.

The antagonist Is Luke. He is a son of Hermes. He tries to raise Cronus. Cronus wants to destroy the Olympians and start the 6th age

Some minor characters are Grover. Annabath and Ethan. Annabeth and Grover are Percy's best friends They help him fight Cronus's army. Ethan is Cronus's right hand man.


The time period of this book is modern. The book is mostly in Manhattan. Some of the dreams Percy has are in the Caribbean and on Mount Diablo. The Gods fought typhoon From California to the Hoover Dam. The main battles however are near the empire state building which is the entrance to Mount Olympus. Percy also goes in between the East River and the Hudson River. Finally the last scenes are on Mount Olympus.

Main Conflicts

The first conflict is person versus self. Percy is given Pandora's Box. He is deciding whether or not to open it. Hope is inside of the box. He could open it and surrender. He chose to prevail and give it as a gift.

Another conflict is person versus person. Percy follows Nico to the underworld. Nico tricks him and turns him in to his father Hades. Percy meets him in jail and tries to kill him. In the end he forgives him. He convinces Nico to pursued Hades to help Olympus.


Percy Jackson and his friend Charles attempt to blow up a ship. Percy escapes. Charles dies. Percy goes to Camp Half-Blood. Then he goes to Luke's moms house. After that he gets a blessing and gets the curse of Achilles. He's invincible except for one spot. Afterwards he fights a war. In the end they win. He gets honored and gets one gift. He wants the gods to recognize their kids. He declines immortality to get his gift.


One theme is Neglection. The rebels are monsters and half-bloods that felt neglected. They felt abandon and Cronus was able to pursued them to join his cause. Percy was also pursueded to join them but he resisted. At the end he told the gods to not ignore there children so the war wouldn't happen again.


I would recommend this novel to my friends. I think it's a good book. Several of them would probably like it too. The book overall was very good. It made sense throughout the whole book. Some questions you have were answered later. It makes it very gripping. Percy had to make choices. I can connect to that. Also he had friends betray him which i can connect to.