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Extraordinary life with full energy & Alternative healing!

- Become your best self in energy & life force Levels! -Reconstruct all the areas of your life in a holistic method of healing! - Alternative methods of transforming yourself and your life force. Healing with a detoxification technique for your inner organs: (intestines, liver, kidneys, etc) - What is the true reasons for disseases? - Shamaninstic and other methods of dealing with negative energies and illnesses!

In a weekend of transformation you will learn and practice alternative ways of healing and detoxification techniques that helps a person to regain the life force levels that nature gifts us with and maintain a state of euphoria, abundance and joy which is the natural state of all beings on the earth. Our planet is a magical, special place where we should feel energetic, healthy and happy - joyful. All other species that live in wild nature are!! But we as humans have lost touch with the natural state, we have lost our biorhythms and alignment with the cosmic flows of life. In this seminar not only you will practice and find methods to clean your body and mind from the toxic overload of the technological civilization but you will understand the Dharma of life and the ways that one should tune himself towards evolution to higher levels of energy all the time. Through a combination of ancient methods and modern ways you will see the big amount of potential that one has to enhance his health and his life and the many pathways of evolution in happiness, joy and abundance. you will be amazed! You will learn Alternative ways of healing and pathways of detoxification of your body and mind that you will be able to take with you in your home, practice them and transmit them to your closest people in order to help them also! you can become the nucleus, the source of happy people in your city or town! Let's create this intention for evolution!

we will be waiting for you with love!


Come to our workshop

DATE......weekend Saturday 10:00am - 18:00pm - Sunday 10:00am - 18:00 pm (time approximately.)


Info.... Carolin Hofeditz...


Price: 120 €


Our Goal Is To Guide You Down the Path of Self-Development by teaching
the following principles!

Spiritual knowledge,
you should expect to receive real results in your life.
We ground all of our highest spiritual knowledge in practical disciplines, methods, and
exercises that you can use to enhance the quality of your life.

Understanding, Only by understanding the deep principles of life can we develop
ourselves, act powerfully using our free will, become fully conscious, and realize who we truly are.

Return to the Ancient Ways. All wise people say that many problems of modern man have appeared
because we have lost contact with our own roots. We help you regain ancient
knowledge and to reconnect with nature.

Personal Empowerment, we believe each person is endowed with abilities, goals, and a life
purpose that is unique. And it is only when you receive individual support that
you can take control of your own inner qualities, talents, health, and
happiness. We provide that support.

Responsibility, each person is the owner of their own life. Using will, wisdom, and a
deep desire to improve their lives, our students generate profound changes for
themselves. We help our students understand and cultivate universal principles
and laws, but each must make the daily decision to

Open Mindedness, We remain open to new ideas and we are dedicated to teaching a
distillation of spiritual principles. We combine Eastern and Western traditions
in a synergy of wisdom that will improve your life according to your unique
desires, needs, and abilities.

We are spiritual, not religious. We embrace and encourage seekers from all different religions and
beliefs. We deeply study many different beliefs and systems to understand the
essence of their teachings, as we seek to improve the life of all people,
independent of their heritage. We also study Western research into the areas of
psychology, physiology, and quantum physics, along with the secret wisdom of
ancient civilizations (much of which has never been fully

Consciousness. We are introducing a new culture of consciousness into society; this
is a great need in our challenging times. We fulfill this through different
media such as media, books, magazines, lectures, workshops, courses, videos, and
websites. We are also building schools and institutions all over the world, each
one designed to address the unique needs of the local