Black Holes

By: Nevaeh L.

What is a Black Hole?

A Black Hole is a region of space where the gravitational force is too stronge. They are so stronge that not even light can escape them.Black Holes are invisible and are based on Einsteins theory.

Parts of a Black Holes

The center of a Black hole is called the singuarity (It is smaller then a nucluse).

Surface is called the event horizon. Also the avarge diameter for a Black Hole is about the size of New York.

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How there formed

Black Holes form by when a large star falls apon its self and causes a super nova. A super nova is a exploding blast apart from its self in to space.

Can the Earth go into a Black Hole?

Even though Black Holes can be 10x more powerful then the sun, it can't get colse enough to Earth to take it in. If the Black Hole was as big and more powerful then the Sun, Earth still wouldn't be able to go in.

How we know

We can tell there are Black Hole because of gas. We can also see Black Holes when it comes close to a star because they form light. Scientist use satellites and telescopes to see them.


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