Safe Haven

Nicholas Sparks


Katie's background life creates the conflict of this story. She's struggling to keep her past from catching up with her. A cop is convienced that she's behind a murder, and will not giver up the search until he has found, and arrested her. And this situation adds to another major conflict of the book, which is the relationship struggle between Alex and Katie. Katie is afraid to get close to Alex because of her haunting past.


The story is set in the small town of Southport, near Cape Fear, south of Willingham, NC. This is the gateway to Baldhead Island. The town is growing, but still has its small town feel.


Most Interesting Part Of This Book!

Whenever I was reading this book, I found that the most interesting parts of this book were, the secrets that Katie was keeping from Alex, running from her past and hoping that it will just go away. Also, reading as Katie and Alex's relationship slowly builds through all the trials and tribulations that occur during this story.
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Personal Response!

I thought that the book "Safe Haven", was a very suspensful, yet subtle romance novel. The book was very easy to read, and kept you on the edge of your seat. In no way is this novel at all boring, and I would recommend this book to any teenager or adult.