The dog

Amberly Tenorio

One cold white snowy Christmas morning, I jumped out of bed joyful and excited to open my presents! When I got to the living room I ran to the Christmas tree to look at all the wrapped presents. But then all a sudden my mom yells "No wait until after we eat breakfast" I said ''okay'' in a grumpy tone.After, eating breakfast my parents said ''time for presents" me and my brothers Peter and Zachary couldn't wait. My 2 brothers opened their presents first then me. I was so happy what I got for Christmas, I just wanted to squeeze the death out of my parents.

After cleaning up the wrapping paper off the floor and putting our things up , my mom got a phone call, that my grandpa and grandma wanted us to come over and celebrate Christmas with them and all my family. After my mom got done talking on the phone she told us "to get ready because we're going to grandma and grandpas house" and me and my brothers all replied "okay". Afterwards, when we started to head over to my grandma and grandpas house we had to drive really slow because the snow was super slippery.So while we were on our way we listened to music singing along having fun to not keep us bored it was really fun. After about 20 minutes of driving like a snail we finally got there and we were so happy to see our family.

When I walked into the house I saw a cute little dog laying on the couch being nervous and shy. I went to go pet her and all a sudden my grandpa say " You can have her if your parents say it's fine" I was so happy I told him "I've been wanting a dog"! I asked my mom as soon as I could. When I asked my mom she said "I will think about it" I was wishing she would say yes. When I went back to the couch to go pet the dog. A couple of minutes later I went to go ask my mom again if we could have the dog and she replied "yes" I was so happy I couldn't believe it . Afterwards I went to brag to everyone and my cousin started crying because,she wanted the dog I was happy but felt bad at the same time.Meanwhile the food was ready so I went to go eat and have a good time with my family. After having the time of my life we were leaving and while we were on our way home we thought of giving the dog a name so we were shouting them out like, Cupcake,Sugar,Rosie,and ect. And afterwards my mom shouted out "Lola" and we all decided that was a good name for her.