Island News 11/4 - 11/8

Mrs. Benoit - River Place Elementary - 3rd grade

Important Information

· Friday, November 8th- Field Day!- Send your child in their favorite college gear and tennis shoes for our annual field day. They will have the opportunity to rotate to different stations to participate in active games and fun! They will eat a picnic lunch (sack lunches will be given in the cafeteria) outside!

· Scholastic Book Fair at school- November 21-22- What a great opportunity to get books for your child to read over the Thanksgiving break! More information to come

· Thanksgiving Luncheon November 21- Come and enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner with your child for lunch!

Important Dates

November 8th, Field Day (Wear college clothing and bring sack lunch.)

November 21st, Thanksgiving Luncheon

November 25-29 Thanksgiving Break

Mrs. Benoit's News!

class website:

third grade homework link:

  • We will be introducing November’s book report- Historical Fiction! Be looking for the requirements and the rubric with Due Date this week!
  • Remember to submit your “Reflections” entries! State deadline for theme submissions is November 5, 2013. Check our PTA website for details!!
  • The weather is getting cold so have your child bring a jacket- DON’T forget to put their NAME in it!

Week At A Glance

Reading/Writing: Inferencing, Summarizing, prefix/suffix, Media and literacy

Spelling: Unit 10

Science/Social Studies: Earth's interactions / Map Skills

Math: arrays, multiplication by 10s and 11s

Pace Math: division intro - up to 3 digit dividend and 1 digit divisor / bar/pictographs

Spelling Specifics:

WOW: annihilateto destroy

Core words: almost, live, page, got, earth

Concepts: The sound you hear at the beginning of jam. This sound may be spelled with j or with ge (or dge), gi, or gy.