Gilded age

Dylan dingmann

Samuel F B Morse

What:Created the Morse code

Where:Born in Charleston,Massachusetts on April,27,1791

Died in New York age 80

When:between 1837-1853 he created the electric telegraph

Why:Because he likes inventing inventions

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John D Rockefeller

What:in charge of the standard oil company

Where:lived in rich ford NY

When:lived to be 98

Why:He made a lot of money and was very rich

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Pullman strike

What:There was a break out in Pullman ,Chicago. The reason for the out break is the people that work for the rail road think they are being over worked and under paid.

Where: in Pullman,Chicago

When:In 1893

Why: over worked and under paid

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Union Pacific

What: The Union Pacific Railroad is used to hauls freight.

Where:over 31,390 route-miles in 23 states.

When: built in 1862

Why:for shipping goods Crossed long distances