The Eklin Journal

November 13, 2015

Mark Your Calendar

Nov. 25-27- No school Happy Thanksgiving

Dec. 9- Late start

Dec. 17- Holiday parties 2:30-3:30 pm

Dec. 18- 3rd Grade Read- In

Dec. 21- Jan. 1 No school, Winter Recess

Conference News:

Thank-you to everyone for coming out for evening conferences. I appreciate the time you took out of your evening. The children are growing and learning so quickly at this age it is an exciting time to be a part of each child's experience. Many thanks for the wonderful meals prepared for us! To everyone that sent in food and drinks and desserts please know it is very much appreciated.

Reading News

We have been looking for when characters act in surprising ways this week. As we end books students look for the way characters struggle and grow. Surely the children have noticed the changes in Opal and Amanda throughout the read aloud Because of Winn Dixie.

Thank-you to the many families that have returned the permission slip for children to watch the movie Because of Winn Dixie. We show the movie in class and make comparisons. There are many contrasts between the movie and book versions (who thought they would change the ending??) If you have not yet returned the slip please do so as soon as possible. I welcome contact if you have any questions.

Spelling/ Word Study News:

This week students had fun with a task we call word operations. This is where we take a spelling word and change one part of the word to make a new word. For instance we took hill and turned it into pill>shrill>thrill>mill. The children also enjoyed drawing and labeling a couple of list words. We encouraged children to consider drawing words with multiple meanings like fish, fire, slide, or lid.

Writing News

Polishing our personal narratives. Students added thoughtful endings mid-week and Friday we looked at our stories through the eyes of an editor. Students used editing checklists while carefully rereading their writing to be sure they personal best work.

Cursive News

New letters this week included 'tow truck letters'. These are letters that end up in mid air like a tow. They sometimes pull other letters up and change connections. The first of the tow truck letters learned were o and w.

Math News

Children are now very capable at identifying different types of equations. Next we learned about rounding to "friendly numbers". We discuss benchmark numbers that help us to estimate calculations. This week we discussed rounding to 10's and 100's as benchmarks and used them to estimate sums and differences.

Science News

We graphed shoe size data and drew conclusions about third graders' shoe sizes. We discovered a huge range! Students also completed a mammal scavenger hunt having fun reading and collecting facts about some familiar and not so familiar animals.

S.S. News~ From Mrs. Boewe

We continue to work as geographers by getting more familiar with the grid created by lines of latitude and longitude. We also looked at a map scale and practiced how to determine distance on a map.

Technology News

The children have logged into while in the computer lab this week. the children are all set up and should be ready to go at home. The link to Xtramath is on our class website under Favorite Links> Math Links.

All the children are registered under a school account for Typing Club. We are hopeful that now children are connected through the school that they will not be sent back to the beginning of the typing lessons. This link is set up on the school website under the "student" link.

Thank-you Veterans!

Thank-you to the many veterans and active service members that are a part of the Independence family. We took time Wednesday to share about family members who are both active and veterans of the armed services. What an honor to hear the heartwarming way children share about the service people in their families. We watched a short video honoring all service members and read a little booklet helping children understand a little bit about the job of each military branch.
Tribute to all Veterans and Service Members