Iniquity of Religious Discrimination

Iniquity of Religious Discrimination

"Different faith is not a barrier between friendships and relationships."



  • Practice prayers toward the direction of Makkah.
  • Makkah is a sacred place for Muslims.
  • Usually practiced in the Middle Eastern area.
  • 1.6 billion or about 23% are Muslims.
  • Islam is a universalizing religion.

  • About 803 complaints were claimed in the United States from the discrimination of Muslims in workplace from different people.
  • Muslim women are religiously discriminated for the clothes they wear for religious purposes. Some Muslims women are denied services in the United States for wearing a religious Muslim clothing.
  • In the Middle East, in neighboring countries of the religion of Islam, Muslims are treated horribly for having a different religion than theirs.
  • Muslim mosques, places of worship, are burned down for religious hostility in different countries.



  • Most Jews reside in the country of Israel.
  • Judaism is a ethnic religion.
  • Judaism is practiced in about 13.4 million people.
  • The Holocaust was one example of a hatred towards the Jews for their race and religious views.

  • Jewish holidays are seen as "unnecessary" by some.
  • Jews are discriminated for the religious clothing they wear.
  • In the workplace, they are often discriminated through physical means and verbal insults for the beliefs they believe in.
  • Jewish monuments are often burned down and there is a tension between the Jews and the Americans in the northeastern area.



  • Atheists are everywhere in the world, but are not concentrated specifically in any area.
  • There is not a accurate number of atheists in the world, because it is hard to distinguish an atheist, but it's about 16% of the world.
  • An atheist often does not believe in a God or a higher power.
  • An atheist can also be a Buddhist in a specific way. One can believe in no God, but may follow the 4 Nobles Truths of Buddha.

  • Atheists are often discriminated for the idea of no God.
  • In places, like the Middle East, atheists are often buried alive for their beliefs.
  • In the United States, atheists are often discriminated verbally with insults and physically through punches. Also, the hostility in the workplace can lead to unemployment.
  • In some religious countries, atheists are not even considered humans.



  • Hinduism is an ethnic religion.
  • Hinduism is mainly concentrated in India.
  • Hindus worship many Gods, but the Hindus may have the main God they believe in.
  • About 15.48% of the world is Hindus.

  • Hindus are being discriminated even within their own country. The same religion but practiced in different social classes (the caste system) leads higher level of people causing destruction to homes of lower class of people.
  • Hindus are discriminated in different countries, where their temples or places of worship are destroyed or burned down.
  • In some cases, Hindus are discriminated to the point where they lose their jobs in foreign countries for their belief in many Gods.
  • Hindus are sometimes violently killed or severely insulted in countries where different religions are hostile towards Hindus for their beliefs.



  • Buddhists usually are concentrated in Southeast Asia (China, Japan, Korea, etc).
  • Buddhists are practiced about 7-28% of the world. The Buddhist calculation is not accurate, because Buddhism allows adherents to adhere to multiple religions with Buddhism.
  • Buddhists do not believe in a God, but rather uses Buddha as a model to become a better person through feeling suffering and the pain of suffering.
  • Buddhists follow the Four Noble Truths of Suffering and Salvation of Life.
  • Buddhism is an universalizing religion.

  • Many Buddhist shrines have been demolished by American air forces and different religious groups for different religious powers in several areas.
  • Important structures, such as the Angkor Wat Complex, has been destroyed in several parts of the complex, where it will most likely not be revived again.
  • Buddhists are sometimes not taken seriously and often mocked/insulted in countries, such as South Korea, where the country is becoming more globalized and losing its cultural traditions.
  • Many Buddhist monks have been killed during the tension and conflict between the different religious groups for trying to save their temple and the works of art and literature.

What can you do to help?

It is time to eradicate this unfair injustice for different religions! This is the new generation for change! How can you help? Easy! Become one less person discriminating different religions, and join in the cause for this important eradication!
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