A Year in the Life

Co Carlow Chamber honouring Carlow Businesses

Great response from Local Businesses to our 'A Year in the Life' Project

This project has been undertaken by the Chamber, as part of Carlow 800, to honour and recognise real Local Heroes, that are our Businesses, who provide employment and livelihoods to thousands of Carlow Families.

Take a bow. It's you we are referring to!

Our aim is to record as many businesses as possible over the year with a weekly feature in the Nationalist consisting of a photograph of the employees in businesses and a profile of the business.

We will produce a year end supplement featuring all those photgraphed and we hope a book to record all for posterity.

Chamber members and local photographers, Karl McDonough and Thomas Sunderland have generously volunteered to take photos for us.

Businesses or individuals can purchase photos / framed photos later if they wish from our photographers.

Would you like to be a part of it?

Don't wait to be contacted, drop me a quick note at ceo@carlowchamber.com. This is a free service by the Chamber on your behalf. It would really help if you could make contact with us for this one.

Chamber members, FIne Framers, can also provide frames at a 1/3 off normal prices.

Delta Centre, Carlow

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Delta Centre

Founded in 1987 The Delta Centre (Development, Education, Learning,Training and Activation) has become a model of best practice in the areas of training, residential, respite, day and multi-sensory services to adults with intellectual disabilities.

The management team led by Eileen Brophy continue to set the highest standards of care for their trainees.

The Delta Centre now provides exceptional facilities, which incorporate a public coffee shop, garden centre, multi-sensory rooms, technology training rooms, sensory gardens and much much more.

The Delta Centre now has 103 learners, with a further four due to begin this September.

The centre, including its nine residential homes throughout the town, now employs over 100 staff which includes Pobal community services programme and FAS community employment programme.

A wide range of skills are required to provide the range of services and manage the projects; skills such as admin, secretarial, catering, horticulture, gardening, woodwork, social care, nursing, sports and recreational, care assistants and drivers.

Trainees begin at 18 then depending of their level of ability can avail of services which include rehabilitation, training, numeracy and literacy, catering, horticulture, education or work experience. Trainees come to the centre every day, learn new skills, make new friends and can also get jobs in the workplace through a supported employment programme. Trainees from Delta have worked in many hotels, supermarkets and retail outlets in the area, a hugely positive experience that give them a sense of responsibility and identity.

None of this would have been possible without the vision of those who campaigned for Delta all those years ago or the unstinting support of the people of Carlow and so many organisations and businesses through the region that donated, and continue to donate to Delta so generously.

Background photo is Carlow Castle, celebrating 800 years in 2013