Its a scam!!!!!!

Phishing is a serious problem. People that use phishing use it to get your emails, passwords, usernames, credit card numbers, addresses, social security numbers, and more. I bet you don't want any of that stuff to be stolen from you right? Down below is a step by step process on how to avoid it.

Step by step process

First if you want to not have your personal information stolen look at every email that is send to you. You never know if it is a scam or not. If it is a scam it probably will have a link going to another website. If you hover your courser over the link it might change to a different site than the one it told you it would. If it doesn't change its probably not a scam. Also if you look closely the web address might not be the same and the one it says you are. usually the email is telling you to enter your password and email again because your password was locked. Don't do it! Its a trap!