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Mediterranean sea

The mediterranean sea is one of the biggest seas. The mediterranean sea is 965,000 square miles. The sea has about 400 species in the sea. Contacts with the atlantic ocean. It also is a very nice view.

Nile River

The river is 4,258 miles long. The delta is the largest in Africa. There are two main parts of the nile the white nile and blue nile. You can also go rafting in the river. The mouth is the mediterranean sea so if you go there you will see the nile river.

Congo Basin

The Congo basin is the second largest river basin with an area of 1,335,000 square miles. It is a very nice basin. The congo basin is located west equatorial Africa. So that is where you will find it in Africa.
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Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the largest river in Africa. Lake Victoria is in a mostly populated area. You can also fish and the fish you can get are Nile perch and Nile tilapia. The lake is also named after Queen Victoria.