Jackson's Weekly Staff Newsletter




Pizza Boxes dropped off

Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:15-7:30


Staff Meeting (Gifford Cluster) 7:30


Kindergarten Field Trip to Stages Theater 9:00-11:50


Valentine's Day Party

O'Brien Dental presenting to 2nd Grade 10:00-11:00

14 NO SCHOOL (Staff Development Day)



17 NO SCHOOL (President's Day)

18 BLT Meeting, 7:30

Pizza Boxes picked up

Field Trip for 4th Grade to Mill City Museum 8:50-2:00

Dress Rehearsal 1st Grade 2:05-2:55

PTO Meeting (Parents/Board/GRANTS) at THE MUDDY COW 6:30-8:00

19 PBIS Meeting 2:30

20 Dress Rehearsal 1st Grade 2:05-2:55 (Potentially for the school can attend)

21 I-Team Meeting 7:30

1st Grade Music Program 2:00

24 Specialists/ELL Breakfast/Music Room 7:35

Marcos Fundraiser Night

25 Prof Dev (Gifford Cluster) 7:30

No Activities Scheduled 6:00-8:00 (Ok for Marcos per Kevin)

Marcos Fundraiser Night

26 Peaceful Bus 9:15-10

Marcos Fundraiser Night

27 5th Grade Field Trip to The Ordway 11:00-1:30

28 I-Team Meeting 7:30

Doughnuts with the Principal 8:35

4th Grade Assembly 8:35-9

Field Trip for Studtmann and Gunderson to MN Valley Wildlife Refuge, 8:40-11:20


2 PBIS Meeting 7:35

3 BLT Meeting 7:30

No Activities Scheduled 6:00-8:00

5 Field Trip for Scott and Reiersgord to MN Valley Wildlife Refuge, 8:40-11:30

6 I-Team Meeting 7:30

All School Movie Night 6:00-8:00

9 PTO Meeting (Board Only) 6:30-8:00

10 Staff Meeting 7:30 (Gifford Cluster)

No Activities Scheduled 6:00-8:00

13 I-Team Meeting 7:30

Kindergarten Music Program 2:00

17 BLT Meeting 7:30

18 3rd Grade Field Trip to Orchestra Hall 10:30-12:30

PBIS Meeting 2:30

20 I-Team Meeting 7:30

21 All District Band Concert/HS 4:00

24 Professional Development 7:30 (Gifford Cluster)

25 Doughnuts withe Principal 8:35

4th Grade Assembly 8:35-9:00

Staff Potluck

26 3rd Quarter Ends

Two Hour Early Release Day

27 NO SCHOOL - Teacher Planning Day

30-31 NO SCHOOL - Spring Break


1-3 NO SCHOOL - Spring Break

6 PBIS Meeting 7:35

All School Bingo 2:00-2:45

7 BLT Meeting 7:30

8 Spring Picture Day (only those who bring forms in)

10 I-Team Meeting 7:30

13 Send Report Cards Home

PTO Meeting (Parent/Board/Grants/Voting) 6:30-8

14 Staff Meeting 7:30 (Gifford Cluster)

15 PBIS Meeting 2:30

17 I-Team Meeting 7:30

4th Grade Music Program 2:00

21 BLT Meeting 7:30

23 Kindergarten Round-Up Night 5-6:30

24 I-Team Meeting 7:30

28 Professional Development 7:30 (Gifford Cluster)

Kindergarten Round-Up 5-6:30

30 Doughnuts with the Principal 8:35


1 NO SCHOOL (Staff Development Day)

4 PBIS Meeting 7:35

4-8 Staff Appreciation Week

5 Staff Dev Meeting 7:30 (was BLT, but changed to Staff Dev on 2/10/20)

6 National Bike/Walk to School 7:50-7:55 (if inclement weather it will NOT be rescheduled)

7 Literacy and Beyond Night 5-7:00

8 I-Team Meeting 7:30

4th Grade Assembly 8:35-9:00

10 Twins Game 1:10/PTO Event (Kansas City Royals)

11 PTO Meeting (Board ONLY) 6:30-8

5th Grade Music Program 6:30

12 BLT Meeting 7:30 (was Staff Dev, but changed to BLT 2/10/20)

15 I-Team Meeting 7:30

18 1st Grade Track and Field

19 BLT Meeting 7:30

2nd Grade Track and Field

20 PBIS Meeting 2:30

3rd Grade Track and Field

21 4th Grade Track and Field

22 I-Team Meeting 7:30

5th Grade Track and Field

25 NO SCHOOL (Memorial Day)

26 Professional Development 7:30 (Gifford Cluster)

27 All School Assembly (tentative time 2:00)

29 I-Team Meeting 7:30

Doughnuts with the Principal 8:35

1st Grade Field Trip to the MN Zoo 8:35-2:40


1 PBIS Meeting 7:35

2 BLT Meeting 7:30

Yearbook Signing 2:15-2:45

3 4th Grade Assembly 8:35-9:00

All School Picnic

Talent Show 1:30

4 Last day of School

Staff End of Year Party

5 Teacher Work Day

6 Graduation

15 Send Report Cards Home



*Thank you to the PE department for delivering M & M's. :)

*Thank you, Krissy, for getting books for me!

*Krissy for pulling Iditarod books and making a google sheet

*Natalie for helping with my Iditarod unit

*Ann for being a great facilitator

*Ann-Thanks for putting together all of 3rd grades new word work packets

*Tim-Thanks for putting together the health unit, it’s super easy to follow!

*Jen B.-Thanks for getting all of our reading copies done!

*Jen R.-Thanks for being a rock star with 3rd grade tier time!

*Thank you Tim for pulling together our HL math data.

*Thank you Rachael for taking time to train me on transferring CEUs.

*Huge thank you to Ms. Lucy Drill! Thank you for speaking so kindly to one of my kiddos! You really pulled her out a deep funk that her own mom would NOT have been able to do! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and love for all kids!

*Thank you Martie for planning and organizing our amazing fourth grade assemblies! #Empathy #Compassion

*Thank you Boumer for the amazing advice you always have to give!

*Thank you Hengel for putting the fourth grade kindness sign together with your awesome volunteer!

*Thank you Leonard for the constant RAZ organization!!!

*Thank you Schleper for making every situation more fun and funny.

*Thank you Kevin for always making time to meet with me and support me!

**Thank you, Kevin, for being so visible in the building and for continuously checking in on the staff. Your support is appreciated!

*Thank you, Pete, for being a listening ear and always having a great sense of humor!

*Wendy, thanks for ordering some new things for my classroom in such a timely manner and for being on top of so many things; juggling schedules for the building is hard and you do it so well.

*Kathy, your sunshine in the front office is appreciated by the students, staff and families of Jackson more than you know. Glad to have you back!

*Candace + Andrea, thanks for handling all the illnesses in the building, especially during the flu season.

*Thank you, Stephanie, for providing an extra set of eyes/observations of a student and communicating with his parents.

*DeAnn, thanks for pulling a group of my kids to work on social skills and for welcoming your new best friend. She’s asking if she can have more time with you...and...I’m not hating the idea… ;)

*Martie, thanks for your flexibility in completing an eval for a shared student.

*Noel, your continued dedication is AMAZING. Thanks for always going the extra mile.

*Thank you for continuing to do what’s best for our shared students, Bristol. How you manage schedules, parent communication, charts + data and everything else for all of your students, I'm not sure, but you do it oh so amazingly!

*Kira, thanks for repping BLT and for the patience you show to your students every day...which reminds me to be more patient!

*Megan + Alex, thanks for ALWAYS being so calm in and out of your classroom. Your students are ever so lucky to have the pair of you while they are at Jackson.

*Jeff, thank you for organizing the pot luck at the end of the quarter for the whole staff.

*Thank you, Kim, for sitting in as a district rep for an IEP meeting.

*Thank you, Keri, for doing what’s best for your students.

*Becky, we appreciate your expertise in providing teachers and students with OT resources!

*Debbie, thanks for helping me navigate a parent screener request and for your continued communication in spite of difficult/touchy conversations needing to be had. Your expertise is appreciated!

*Thank you for being on top of a speech screener so quickly after conferences, Rebecca.

*Amanda, thanks for coming into our classroom to pick up the kids with a smile every day; they love going to speech because of your sweet demeanor!

*Danielle, thanks for staying to help with a project and for your flexibility with our shared student.

*The kids are loving the new items in our Maker Space, Natalie! Thanks for continuing to enhance their learning through hands on opportunities.

*Chris, thanks for making quick tech fixes for teachers in the building and with a smile ALL the time!

*Thanks for helping all of our students in the media center every day, Krissy.

*Stephanie, you represent the K team well as BLT lead!

*Thank you, Angela, for being a great advocate for your kids.

*Thanks for prepping and leading the kindergarten January Jackson Pride assembly, Stacy.

*Thank you, Ben, for putting the kindness earth up outside of your room. It looks amazing!

*Amy, thanks for being a fantastic negotiations rep for the union.

*Kaitlin, your humor. Enough said.

*Erica, thanks for being the PTO rep for our staff.

*Char, thanks for helping to brainstorm ideas for the team and as BLT rep.

*Jane, thanks for sharing your love for reading with your kids.

*Thank you, Keller, for always being so optimistic.

*Thank you, Jenny, for leading the after school program.

*Thank you, Heather, for continuing to share resources.

*Mandy, I loved your Mary Poppins character on Thursday--SUPER WELL DONE! Thanks for always being a participant.

*Melanie, thanks for always sharing your sunshine with those around you.

*Amy, thank you for making everyone around you laugh.

*Thanks for providing the staff with continued ENVoY training, Barbie.

*Thanks, VB, for your continued positivity!

*Thanks, Lexie, for sharing your classroom with your student teacher.

*Jen, you see potential in all of your students every day!

*Tim, thanks for providing some parent perspective a while back.

*Emma, thanks for stepping into Kailey’s room and welcome to Jackson!

*Lisa, thanks for caring about the success of all of your students.

*Heather, thanks for always saying hi to everyone!

*Jaron, thank you for doing patrol every day.

*Thank you, Becca, for all of your math expertise.

*Thank you, Jeff, for representing the building/staff with the superintendent meetings.

*Sari + Julie, it always amazes me (and the whole staff) how you can pull off the grade level music performances. God be with you during this next month with the 1st/K performances.

*Jeff, Sue + Dan, thanks for keeping the kids on their toes and helping them channel all their energy; they love station day! Also, thanks for putting together the Jump Rope for Heart each year.

*Kelly, your bright and welcoming smile is always present with your DAPE kiddos. They love getting to spend their afternoons with you.

*I appreciate you always being willing to borrow me things for our projects, Dan.

*Tiffany, even though you’re only in the building for a short time, you are making a big impact with your art students.

*Betsi, keep on keepin’ on as the media rep! You see ALL of the students in the building and your positive attitude about everything makes you one of the best!

*Jody, thanks for sharing your reading expertise and switching up groups to benefit our learners. Plus, the chocolate. Need I say more?
*Jen, you handle everyone’s schedules amazingly while juggling content K-5 and you do it with such grace. You amaze us every day!

*Lori, Diane + Cookie, the kids love being part of your groups each day. Thanks for bringing extra support to the kids at Jackson.

*Jeanne, thanks for your flexibility in pushing in for K writing. Love having you in the group!

*Becky, thanks for putting your best effort forward with our shared student. She is making many gains in her English speaking skills because of the time you give to her each day!

*Sandy, love your continued passion to do what’s best for our EL learners.

*Emily, welcome to Jackson! Looking forward to getting to know you better.

*Thank you, John, for being on the ball and getting things done during the day. From fixing sinks, to putting tables together, to being visible and available during the lunch hour--we appreciate everything you do!

*Jessica + Matt, the building always looks great each and every day! Thanks for your hard work in keeping things so clean and organized for our students, staff and families.

*All of your kids love going to HP each and every day, Kelsey! Thanks for making engaging activities that continue to challenge their thinking each day.

*I appreciate all of the help you’ve been giving to get things rolled out with the CEUs, Rachael!

*Stephanie, having you help brainstorm and be a listening ear is more than appreciated. Looking forward to our collaboration to get these kiddos in a spot that says, “hey--I am independent. Yay for me, but mostly, yay for my teacher!”

*Getting through volunteer requests is a task, but man, Jennifer is always on top of it. Thanks, Jennifer!

*Patty, thanks for bopping around and being willing to go with the flow as the building sub.

*To EVERY.SINGLE.PARA at Jackson. You teach our students valuable social and academic skills in all aspects of their day. You work with one another and teachers to provide students with the best learning opportunities throughout the day while continuing to build positive relationships with students. You are committed to the success of our shared students. Thank you--Rhonda, Anne, Dena, Julia, Nicole, Katie, Wendy, Bill, Belle, Nicole, Josh, Alexa, Aimee, Kirk, Katie, Mary Ellen, Jennifer, Brooke, Barb, Bev and Tammy.

*Tammy, Faye, Amy, Brandie + Angie, thank you for continuing to provide our students with breakfast and lunch each day WITH a SMILE!

*4th grade team, your dedication to keeping your Jackson Pride Paw statement streak going is remarkable. Keep on keepin’ on.

*Thank you, Charlotte, for planning some buddy activities to do with my class last week! The science experiments were great!

*K Team, thanks for getting my plans printed and to my subs last week while I was out. You made a difficult time go somewhat smoother!

*hank you DeAnn for being the guest reader for 4th grade!

*Thank you Schleper for coving my class in the morning when my appointment was taking extra-long!

*Thank you Drill for leading the assembly for this month!

*Thank you Leonard for the face/jaw massage!

*Thank you Boumeester for ALWAYS having time to chat!

*Thank you Hengel for your quiet, strong presence.

*Thank you, Ben for being at school! You make life more fun!



Book Creator

Book Creator can be a powerful, versatile app that can:

  • allow students a chance to demonstrate learning
  • provide scaffolding to students
  • provide various levels and types of support (audio, speech to text, text to speech).

Teachers can create templates for students that are empty shells; students add their knowledge, thoughts, and learning into the structures provided.

Classroom Application Ideas

Anchor Charts

We all know that we cannot fit every anchor chart for the year on our walls; the wall space is finite. As teachers, we also know that we shouldn't keep anchor charts up all year long simply because we made them. The walls of our classroom should reflect what students are currently working on. That being said, the anchor charts from previous lessons can be helpful to students when they need to go back to a previously taught skill/strategy. ENTER...Book Creator. Have you ever thought to add your Anchor Charts into Book Creator? Or have students add them to their own books? The book becomes a resource for them as they are moving through the year and spiraling back to concepts.

EL Support Ideas

I also found another Book Creator resource to be very helpful in framing my thinking about how to support EL students in the classroom. It reminded me of strategies presented in SIOP, which are meant to help EL students. But many SIOP strategies benefit all students in the classroom. I encourage you to flip through this book for ideas on supporting all learners in your classroom.


2/12 Tim Olene

2/15 Danielle Bauman

2/18 Becca Kay-Lewis

2/19 Amanda Lymangood

2/21 Kristi Boumeester

2/21 Barb Weierke

2/26 Mel Altonen

2/26 Sue Tanberg

2/28 Katie Beckrich

3/1 Mandy Knutson

3/4 Kaitlin Wermerskirchen

3/17 Mary Ellen Sandberg

3/22 Dena Gregor

3/25 Becky Keller

3/26 Amy Scott

3/26 Ben Thies

3/31 Krissy Luce

4/2 Sarah Reiersgord

4/4 Wendy Derhaag

4/5 Belle LaBarre

4/5 Jen Ulrich

4/6 Lori Proehl

4/8 Faye Hames

4/11 Jen Klecker

4/13 Barbi Studtmann

4/18 Heather Broden

4/18 Tammy Haugen

4/23 Tammy Youngvorst

4/25 Kristen Hengel

4/25 Kira Johanson

4/27 Heather Balk

4/27 Bill Folz

4/28 Joshua Miller

5/2 Amy Cole

5/2 Megan Henke

5/7 Emma Baer

5/8 Jen Rothstein

5/10 Jessica Hentges

5/12 Jodi Koci

5/25 Alex Fischer

5/29 Rhonda Yeiter

5/31 Kelly Voigt